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by Cindy Englehart / ga01272008

This was a nice gift for my husband, son and father-in-law. 

Items needed: 

Priesthood Line of Authority printed on vellum
Photo matte board
Picture of Christ, favored Temple print, etc.

Place the picture under the vellum with their Line of Priesthood Authority printed on it.  Photo matte board and place in frame.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  It is kind of hard to tell, but the bottom portion of the frame reads, "Priesthood Line of Authority of (name)"


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  • Anonymous

    Any tips on how to trace your pristhood line? I'm stuck at 4 'generations' back...

  • Anonymous

    I just called the church in Salt Lake City and they tracked it down for me.

  • Cindy

    Here's a link with info to obtain the line of authority:

    I love the quote from their website that states:
    In the April 2005 General Conference, Jeffrey R. Holland stated“…we in the restored Church of Jesus Christ can trace the priesthood line of authority exercised by the newest deacon in the ward, the bishop who presides over him, and the prophet who presides over all of us. That line goes back in an unbroken chain to angelic ministers who came from the Son of God Himself, bearing this incomparable gift from heaven.

  • Cindy

    Oops..I should also mention that we tried to do the vellum family proclamation over a picture of Christ and was told by the church office building that it is not appropriate to cover the Savior's face with wording...just an FYI. But I still LOVE this idea and I'm getting copies of my hubby, father, and father in law to give to them for Father's day.

  • Autumn Bullard

    You can request the priesthood line of authority through the church. I emailed them and got it a couple days later.

  • Karla Gurr

    What size of Matte board did you use? Is an 8x10 or larger? I would love to do this idea with our Relief Society.

  • Brandie

    I love this idea!!! i did it for fathers day for my dad and husband. such a great idea. i did do mine a little bit different though i got a frame that had the glass border and typed the line of authority out and printed it on transparency film and so it looked like the words were wrote on the glass.

  • Steve Lambert

    One only needs to go to the address bar and enter:
    then just follow the instructions. They only ask for your name, church record number (found on temple recommend) it will be emailed in 2 or 3 days
    One can print this over a picture of the savior

  • Cat  - I did this.

    I did it but used a picture of Joseph Smith recieving the priesthood under the velum. I did one for my husband and son when my son became an Elder.

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