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by Lynette Packard / ga01272008

For our Relief Society bulletin board, I just covered a regular cork bulletin board with cute fabric (I used double-stick tape and a metal pancake turner-to tuck the fabric in on the sides. I then added the "title" (our ward's Relief Society) to the top. I divided the bulletin board with sections for monthly Visiting Teaching messages, ward temple trips, a place for our newsletter, Enrichment Groups (with the Leader and phone #) I had purchased different pocket sizes of the clear baseball card sheets - a collectors store or scrapbook store should have a lot of different sizes - I used these pockets for each section. I just cut the size needed and then attached them to the board with white thumbtacks. I also had a pencil attached with a ribbon - for sign-ups. Anyway, we put our bulletin board in the hall where sisters that don't attend Sunday Relief Society could still get the handouts, invites and info they needed.

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