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by Laurie Farmer / ga01252008

I sent each of the children in my class the following letter, and also those that missed I sent coloring pages they missed and a note saying I missed them. Each week I will send home a little note that says what the lesson was about.

Dear Parents,

Our first week in CTR 5 this year, we learned what CTR stands for. It stands for Choose the Right. Ask me if I know what it means.

Our second week in CTR 5 we learned "I can choose the right", and to ask ourselves the question "What would Jesus want me to do? Ask me if I can say that question, I might need help remembering it!

Our third week in CTR 5 we learned that "I am a child of God". We learned that Heavenly Father loves each of us because we are His children.

Next week our lesson is on "I chose to Follow Jesus Christ". A lesson to help each child understand that in the pre-earth life we lived with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and chose to follow them.

Thanks for having such a great child. I enjoy teaching this class!


(Your name)

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