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  Primary Leader Training - 1987. Helps Primary stake and ward leaders and teachers improve their leadership and teaching skills. Also helps bishopric and high council advisers understand the Primary program so they can more effectively advise and assist Primary presidencies. Total time 47 min. Divided into five segments: "The Purpose of Primary" (3 min.), "Leadership in Primary" (12 min.), "Creating a Positive Classroom Atmosphere" (13 min.), "Activating Children" (12 min.), and "Planning Sharing Time Presentations" (7 min.)

 Primary Video Collection - Contains four programs relating to the Primary:

1- Come with Me to Primary. 1985. Video adaptation of the filmstrip. Presents an overview of Primary. Shows what takes place in Primary and how Primary helps children learn the gospel of Jesus Christ. 16 min. 
2- Baptism—A Promise to Follow Jesus. 1982. Video adaptation of the filmstrip. Helps parents, teachers, and leaders prepare children for baptism. For use in Primary lessons on baptism, in Primary sharing time, at home, and in other appropriate settings. 9 min. 
3- A Boy and the Power of God. 1984. Video adaptation of the filmstrip. Encourages young men to be worthy to receive the priesthood; also helps young men who already hold the priesthood to better understand the significance of their responsibility. 10 min. 
4- Teacher, Do You Love Me? 1986. Extracted from the Church Primary fireside of 23 February 1986. The true story of a rebellious boy whose life was influenced by a caring teacher. 17 min.

 Teaching—A Renewed Dedication - This segment can be used in teacher training and council meetings to teach three basic concepts for improving and strengthening teaching: (1) seek the Spirit, (2) love your students, and (3) prepare. These concepts are taught in three short stories portraying challenges faced by a Sunday School teacher, a Relief Society teacher, and a pair of home teachers. 37 min., plus discussion time for prepared questions. (Video Clip 2)

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