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by Melanie Condie / ga01222008

Bingo Prayer Game - This is a bingo game that I made to go along with lesson four in the primary one book.

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  • Anonymous

    I would also like this file but you can't print it. If you can send it to me as well that would be great!

  • Anonymous

    I would also like this file but it can't be printed. If you could send it to me as well that would be great!

  • Anonymous

    Me three! I would love to do this game but am unable to get it to download.
    Could you send it to me also?
    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I am having the same problem as LuAnn, getting a blank page when I try to download. Can you email this to me as well? thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I don't know what my problem is, but when I try to download the "Bingo Prayer Game" for Sunbeam lesson 4, it is blank. I have the lastest adobe. Any ideas?
    clould you send the file as an attachment to my email?
    thanks so much for all your help.

  • Anonymous

    has any one had any luck? I have not heard from Sugardoodle and still can't download.

  • Anonymous

    Can you send this to me as an email attachment as well. Can't open it and it sounds like fun for my little ones. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Got it tonight - 2 pages. thanks for whatever you did to make it work. Very nice.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm.... unless they fixed it, I was able to print it. You do have to be a patient though, it took a while to download and it took a while for my printer to download it as well. It came out beautifully though. Does anyone know how we can change the profit though?

  • Camille Johnson

    I am getting a blank page when I try to download. Can you e-mail the file to me?

  • Aubry

    I can open this PDF. Can i please have one emailed to me?


  • Jbw

    Thank you . I had to wait a while for this to download. They a bit longer for the pictures to show up. It is really cute. I will be interested to see if our 3 year olds can play. Thank you so much.

  • Debi

    Has anyone had experience doing this game with 3 year olds? Any tips?

    Also, when calling out the squares did you use a scripture or story to go along or did you just call the picture?

    Thank you so much

  • Anonymous  - sunbeam teacher

    I am very new at teaching and so I have a lot of questions. I really would like to play this game in my class, but do you just cut up one of the pages and put the pictures in a box and draw them out? Also I could not print the game out so I did a copy save type thing and then I went into the down load and printed the game. Thanks for sharing your ideas

  • Jodi Peterson

    I can't get this file to print either. Could you send it to my e-mail as an attachment?
    Thanks, Jodi

  • Catherine M.  - Printing

    I saved the file to my computer and printed it from the folder, it worked and didn't take forever. I'm excited to use this for my Nursery kids. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    It's printing for me now. Thank you. This is great.

  • Cary Christian  - Prayer Bingo

    Hi Melonie,
    Is it possible to change the picture of the prophet? Is it possible to have you email this to me? Also I need 6 different bingo cards. Will I be able to make the changes to the cards or will you make them? Let me know. The children in my class love to play Bingo. Thank you so much for this idea. :) Cary Christian

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