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alt I will follow the prophet (handout and flipchart) by Mary Ann Clements 

alt Follow the Prophet Idea from Beehive Messages

alt Follow the Prophet idea and verse by Andrea Grover

alt Follow the Prophet Ideas from Sofia

alt Follow the Prophet Review by "Teaching LDS Children"

alt Follow the prophet (Disco Style) by Lyle Toronto

alt Follow the Prophet Poster Idea by Bridgette

alt Wendi Baggaley writes, "I couldn't find any verse for "Follow the Prophet" (CS 110) for King Benjamin. So my daughter and I made up this verse and wanted to share it. (ga09132009)

Once there was a prophet, King of all the land,
Gathered all his people, taught them the Lord’s plan.
All the people listened; joy filled every heart.
Then King Benjamin said, “Go serve and do your part.”

alt Follow the Prophet - President Hinckley Verse by Keri Luter

alt Follow the prophet (printable) by Wendy Lander

alt Follow the Prophet verses for President Monson 

alt Follow the Prophet Verse for President Monson in Spanish written by Violeta Ramirez 

alt Follow the Prophet Review Game by Melanie Edwards

alt Watch the sign language video for this song from the Church's Website.  Scroll down and click on song.

alt Follow the Prophet Verse for Joseph Smith, Jr. written by Linda Terry

alt Flipchart by Jolly Jenn

alt Craft Foam Cutouts by Rene

alt Follow the Prophet Spinner made by D'Net Layton.  To visit her website, click here(ga02092008)

alt Play “Leader Says.” The children are to do only those things prefaced by “Leader says” (e.g., “Leader says, ‘Stand up.’ ”). If they do what they are told to do without having been told “Leader says,” they must sit down. Play until nearly everyone is sitting. Explain that many people will try to tell us what to do. We can trust some of them but not others. Heavenly Father has promised that we can trust our prophet to always tell us right things, things He wants us to know. Sing v. 9 of “Follow the Prophet” (CS, pp. 110–111) and explain that doing the things the prophet asks us to do will give us direction throughout our lives. Discuss some of the directions he has given. Show a tree branch without leaves. Give each child a green leaf (cut from paper) and have him/her write on it something he/she will do to follow the prophet’s teachings. Attach the leaves to the branch and present it to the bishop/branch president. (Younger children could each draw a picture, with all the pictures made into a booklet to be presented.) Say that as we do what our “Leader (prophet) says,” we will be blessed.  (Idea taken from the February 2001 Sharing Time Suggestion)
alt Follow the Prophet from June 2001 Friend Magazine

alt (Idea from June 2006 Friend) If desired, this song presentation may be done in stages throughout the month. Each week, choose three of the prophets from the song. Write several questions for the children to answer about each prophet. For example: Adam—Who was the first prophet in the Bible? Where did he live? What did he do there? What is a descendant? Who are his descendants? Cut out as many musical notes as you have questions about the prophets. Use a different color of paper for each prophet. Write a question on the back of each note. Place the notes on the floor, question-side down, at the front of the Primary room. In advance, ask three children to represent one of the selected prophets. The week before, give them the answers to the questions about each one’s prophet to study. Have the three children stand at the front of the room, holding pictures of the prophets they represent. Have the other Primary children take turns tossing a beanbag onto the notes on the floor. When the beanbag lands on a note, the child who threw the beanbag turns the note over and asks the question written on it. The child representing the prophet answers the question or gets his or her class to help answer it. After all the questions have been answered, sing the verses of “Follow the Prophet” that apply to the prophets just learned about. You may wish to have the child representing the prophet lead the singing for that prophet’s verse.

alt (Shared by Jan Rogers / ga02272012) - Here is a verse for Follow the Prophet with our theme scripture for the year/2012 (Joshua 24:15):

God commanded Joshua

Always keep the law,

Be strong and have courage,

Wise was Joshua.

Said unto his people

Choose whom ye will serve,

As for me and my house

We will serve the Lord.

alt Follow the Prophet, Sr. by Harriet

alt Chain of Presidents by AnJanette Broderick - An idea for modern day prophets

alt Compare a flashlight lighting up a darkened room to a prophet sharing light from Heavenly Father so that His people (sing the words) “don’t go astray.” Define astray as off course or lost. Have the children sing that phrase with you. Ask them to listen for what the prophet knows as you sing the last phrase, “follow the prophet; he knows the way.” Lead them in singing that phrase. Ask them to listen to you sing the chorus and come in on the phrases they’ve just learned; then repeat the chorus again. Sing the chorus a third time, this time passing a flashlight from child to child. When the singing stops, have the child with the flashlight represent Adam. Teach the first verse by singing one phrase at a time and asking the children to echo it back while following “Adam” as he acts out the verse. (For example, he could pantomime planting a garden.) Have the children sing the chorus and pass the flashlight again. Repeat the process with Noah, and in following weeks continue teaching all the verses. [Idea taken from March 2006 Friend Sharing Time Suggestion]

alt Ancient Prophet Versus (Lehi, Nephi, Abinadi, etc.)

Different verses for each of the latter-day prophet from Christy's Clipart

alt Yesterday I worked on the Jonah verse and it was a blast!  We talked about what it must have been like to be inside a fish for 3 whole days... dark... wet... stinky.  Then we sang the last part of the verse "down inside the whale" very low and long and ominous.  Doooooown iiiin-siiiiide theeeeeee whaaaaaale.  I brought my rhythm instruments and told the children that on the word "whale" they should come in and make as much noise as they could, and then we held it out (like a fermata) and then jumped into the chorus with the rhythm instruments keeping the beat.  It was a lot of fun! (Idea by Luana Willis)

alt Follow the Prophet Rhyming Game by Amber Brunjes

alt Follow the Prophet Versus written for Gordon B. Hinckley

alt I wrote 6 actions on paper.  Clap your  hands two times, pat your thighs two times, snap your fingers two times, pat your mouth two times (this one was fun!), pat your head two times, stomp your feet two times.

alt I let the two children each roll a die (dice) and used the two numbers they rolled.  We used it for the verses.  Each time we learned a new verse we started the pattern with it.  After they sang that verse then we started from the top with every verse we had learned.  We did not sing the chorus at all until the last verse.  Then we started the chorus out very low then  moved up to louder and louder.  Example:  If a 1 and 5 were rolled, we did clap clap head head clap clap head head.  It really helped break up the monotony of singing this song over and over again - which is the only effective way I have found to learn this song!!!   It was so fun to use the pat your mouth one.  The children remained fairly reverent with this but it just helped break the boredom. (by Questie Reams)

alt My seniors seemed to enjoy what we did for Follow the Prophet. We used a Connect Four game. I had pictures of the eight prophets and I made two copies of each of them so we had a game board of 4x4 circles, with the prophets pasted in the center of each circle. I divided the children into two teams, and I had more circles in two different colors. They would pick one of the prophets, and if everyone sang the verse well, they could place their team's colored circle over that prophet. The object was to get four of your circles in a row.  That was our review. The week before I just placed the GAK pictures (and a generic one for Enoch and Jonah) in page protectors in a binder. I think I hand-drew a picture or two for each verse, but that's not really necessary. We talked about the story of each prophet, then sang the verse. Then we did all the verses in a row (no chorus) using the "flip-chart binder".   I found that I needed to memorize the second line; once I got that the rest followed. And it helps me to remember that the verses go in chronological order - Adam, then Enoch, then Noah, etc. (Becky)

alt Sigue al Profeta (Follow the Prophet in Spanish)

1. El primer profeta que hubo fue Adan.
El jardin de Eden fue su primer hogar.
Al Senor seguia y obediente fue.
Somos descendientes de ese hombre fiel.


Sigue al profeta, sigue al profeta
Sigue al profeta, deja el error.
Sigue al profeta, sigue al profeta,
Lo que el dice, manda el Senor.

2.Fue Enoc profeta y ensenaba el bien.
La gente del pueblo hizo su deber,
y tan buenos fueron en obedecer
que el Senor se los llevo a vivir con el.

3. Fue Noe un profeta mandado a decir
que se arrepintieran o hiban a morir.
Nadie lo escucho y se burlaron de el
hasta que el diluvio empezo a caer.

4. El profeta Abraham un hijo a Dios pidio;
fue Isaac su nombre y padre de Jacob.
Dios le dio a este el nombre de Israel,
y las doce tribus son los hijos de el.

5. Dios mando a Moises su pueblo a liberar
y llevarlo a otro sitio a morar.
En el yermo el pueblo muy mal se porto,
y cuarenta anos mucho padecio.

6. Fue Samuel llamado desde su ninez.
El Senor le hablo por la tercera vez
mientras el dormia, y este contesto:
"Habla, porque oigo", y le escucho.

7. Fue Jonas profeta que trato de huir,
pero comprendio que a Dios hay que seguir.
En una ballena, entendio Jonas
que el Senor jamas nos deja fracasar.

8. Fue Daniel profeta y no deseo pecar.
El rey con los leones lo mando encerrar
pero al poco tiempo el rey se percato
que a Daniel un angel del Senor cuido.

9. Pocos ya distinguen entre el bien y el mal,
si oyes las noticias cuenta te haz de dar.
Mas si por la senda hemos de andar,
a nuestros profetas hemos de escuchar.

alt Idea by Paige Edwards (ga01272009) - Moroni Verse

Moroni was a prophet, wrote all that he could;
finished up the gold plates, hid them really good.
Came to Joseph Smith and testifies of truth,
He's a good example for old age or youth.

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