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alt Families Can Be Together Forever Memory Game by Wendi Baggaley

alt About the composer - Vanja Yorgason Watkins: She has always loved to sing. She was a television music teacher, and she has served for many years on the Primary General Board and the General Church Music Committee.  Sister Watkins was asked to set “Families Can Be Together Forever” to music. “The Lord blessed me as I worked, and I completed the song for a children’s sacrament meeting presentation,” she explained.  (Taken from "Fun with Favorites" from the October 1985 Friend Magazine)

alt OCD Primary Chorister

alt Flipchart by Shannon Rudd

alt Flipchart by JollyJenn

alt Watch the sign language video for this song from the Church's Website.  Scroll down and click on song.

alt Song Helps from Sofia's Primary Ideas

alt Here is an idea from Christy's Clipart.

alt {Family Trees} Can Be Together Forever

alt Gather six small pictures of the following (if you cannot find pictures, write the word on a piece of paper): a family, the earth, an illustration of the plan of salvation (see Primary 6 manual, p. 2), Jesus, a young child, and a temple.  Before you sing the first line of the song, ask the children to listen for two things they learn about their families (they are on earth, they are good to me). Sing the first line. Choose two children to hold the pictures of the family and the earth. Have all the children sing the first line with you. Now have them listen to find out what they want to share with their family eternally (my life with them). Sing the second line and have the children answer. Ask them to listen to discover how they can be together forever (through Heavenly Father’s plan) and who has shown them how they can (the Lord). Sing the chorus, then let the children respond. Choose two children to hold the pictures of the plan of salvation and of Jesus Christ. Have all the children sing the chorus with you. Teach the second verse in a similar way, using the pictures of the young child and of the temple. Bear your testimony that eternal families are part of Heavenly Father’s plan. (Idea taken from the February 2002 Friend Sharing Time Suggestion)

alt Have the children lead and sing along with you, emphasizing repeated melody patterns such as “here on earth” and “good to me.” Ask simple questions such as, “When should we prepare for the temple?” and have the children answer by singing phrases from the song. Using simple props, invite children to represent family members and lead groups in singing specific phrases. (2014 Primary Outline)

alt Sunbeam Singing

alt Families can be together forever (online video clip)

alt Sharing Time Poster that could be blown up as a visual aid from the January 2004 Friend Magazine.

alt Teach the chorus first by randomly posting wordstrips of each phrase, written with just the first letter of each word. (The first phrase would be FCBTF.) Tell the children to listen while you sing the chorus so they can help put the phrases in the correct order. You may have to sing it more than once. When the phrases are in order, have the children sing the chorus. Teach the first and second verses by writing a key word from each line on a wordstrip. Invite a child to the front of the room. Hold the wordstrip above his head where he can't see it. Tell the children this is to remind them of the word not to sing. As the Primary sings, ask the child to listen for the key word that is missing. When he guesses correctly, have the Primary sing the phrase including the key word. Follow this pattern for the other lines. Sing the song all the way through with the chorus.  (Taken from the August 2009 Friend Magazine

alt(Idea shared by Julie Sterling / LDS Primary Music Yahoo Group) - Here is a fun activity I did with the children to review Families Can Be Together Forever that they enjoyed.   I had random members of a family on the board and explained we had all been to a reunion this past week.  They chose a member of the family and we sang according to something interesting about that family member.  Of course, I made if feel real by telling them a little about the reunion and family members.  Great Grandma Jo was a favorite.   Here are the activities:
Uncle Mortimer:  He has this big bushy mustache that food gets stuck in and makes him mumble when he talks.  Sing with three fingers over your mouth.
Baby Nate:  Aunt Claire's new baby was so cute.  He is just starting to talk and can only say ba, da and ma.  Only sing the song with ba, da and ma.
Cousin Lilly:  She and her favorite cousing Mallory played leap frog the whole week at camp.  Sing only every other word.
Cousing Lucas:  Lucas is a science fanatic.  He actually brought his mouse to the reunion.  Sing high and squeeky like a mouse.
Cousin Cydney:  She is taking drivers training this summer and wanted to drive the whole time.  She is a good driver, but drives a little too fast.  Sing fast.
Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Bradley:  They are always together.  You never see one without the other.  In fact, they always finish each other's sentences.  Have one side of the room sing the first part of the phrase and the other side sing the end of the phrase in the song.
Cousin Slater:  Slater turned 3 at the reunion and he is so shy.  He is still learning how to speak correctly, but still has trouble pronounciing his Rs and Ls.  Sing with a lisp.
Great Grandma Jo:  She is getting pretty old and sometimes gets confused.  When we sang "Happy Birthday" for Slater, she sang "We Wish you a Merry Christmas".  Sing "I Am a Child of God" to the tune of "Families Can Be Together Forever".

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