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alt Flipchart for "Choose the Right" by Carrie Dziabczenko 

alt Choose the right song chart by Choose the right song chart by Jalee Scott

alt Teaching LDS Children

alt In the leafy treetops - flipchart for all three versus

alt Choose the right: Melody Map

alt Anonymous writes, "This last week for a review activity for “Choose the Right”, I had my Senior Primary do the Group Day on American Idol.  It was so much fun.  They had to break into groups of 3-4 and had to have at least 1 boy and 1 girl in their group.  I then gave them 5 minutes to prepare either verse 2 or 3 of Choose the Right for the judges.  I had two fathers and one of the Primary Presidency be the judges and I had another father be Ryan Seacrest.  It was so much fun and they really worked on the song! " (ga02242012)

alt Choose the Right Path by Michelle Jardine

I just had a thought for a fun review game for Choose The Right...Musical Chair style.  Once they have learned the song fairly well I plan to group them with their chairs in a circle (could be a little tougher for larger primaries, so use your best judgement) and then all sing the song.  Each time we sing the phrase "Choose the right" everyone will move one chair to the right.  Then once they have that down, we can get a little creative, ex: those wearing red have to find the next available chair to the right, boys/girls only move next available chair to the right, etc.  I think it will be a fun way to keep them thinking and review the song without it getting monotonous.  Just thought I'd share. (Idea by Monica Hudson / ga02022012)

alt An idea on how to review this song(by Melanie Day) I was asked to substitute in the Primary this last week and thought I would share what I case it might help one of you.  (PREPARATION: I have several books called, "Choose your own adventure" (it's a series).  If you have one of these at home, bring one to show the children or rent one from the library.  However, you don't need any book at can just reference the book as well.)

First I asked some questions….

alt Reviewing Choose the Right

alt Choose the right - chorus details

alt I'm so excited to teach "Choose the Right!" My Primary LOVED "Praise to the Man" and I think they'll love this one too!  I'm planning on using Picture Sticks to teach the chorus. I'm glad to have something for all of those cute little Sunbeams to hold. Here's my plan. I'm going to have the children help teach the versus using "Teaching Kits" that I have explained here.  I think this song will be familiar to them so I'm excited to have them feel more ownership in teaching the song!  (Idea by Cami Kapp / ga02022012)

alt Flipchart by Lori Criman

alt I did the cutest singing time with the song ‘Choose the Right’. We played the game “CHOOSE THE RIGHT or not Tic-Tac-Toe”. I had a tic-tac-toe board and had 9 scripture figures to choose from. I had the plastic Book of Mormon figurines, but pictures turned upside down would work too. I purposely had more choose the wrongs than rights like Laman, Lemual, Wicked King Noah, and I used King Lamoni, and Alma the Younger to be X's or choose the wrongs. I had Nephi, Moroni, Heleman, and a Missionary for O's or choose the rights. The idea was that if X's won or choose the wrongs then the piano player would have to play choose the right with a blind fold on. If choose the rights won then she could use her music. Every time a “choose the wrong” figure was picked we sang ‘Choose the Right’ really loud to try and help Laman, Lemual, or Noah to choose the right. When Nephi was picked we sang ‘Nephi's courage’. Helaman, ‘Army of Helaman’. Missionaries, ‘Called to serve’. Moroni , ‘Book of Mormon Stories’. I kind of rigged it up to that X's won on purpose and the pianist had to play with the blind fold while we sang. It was horrible! Then I acted surprised and said, “Wait….. Alma and King Lamoni repented! They are actually O's!” This made it so that choose the rights won. Then the pianist got to use her music to play ‘Choose the Right’.  I bore testimony that when we are choosing the wrong we can't have the Holy Ghost with us just like the pianist couldn't have her music. When we choose the right we get to have his help and the music sounded so much better. It was sooooooooooooo fun!! Everyone loved this singing time. (Idea by Sarah Walk / ga02062012)

alt Cami writes, "I'm going to present them as 8 CHALLENGES to the Primary. They start with CHALLENGE #1 and once they pass it off, they move on to CHALLENGE #2, etc. The goal will be to pass off all 8 CHALLENGES. I'm planning on this taking two weeks and by the end, they should know this song inside and out!" (Click here for more details on Cami's idea.)

alt Sofia's Primary Ideas

alt Flipchart by Jolly Jenn

alt Choose the right flipchart by Kayrena Betts

alt "For senior primary, I passed out hymn books and told them we were going to sing through the first verse three times in a row using our 'cheat books' and then I would collect them and see how much they learned. After we sang and I collected the books, we sang the song one more time. It was amazing. They had it completely memorized. (never expected that to happen).  Then I played a game I called 'choose the right color'.  It is an adaptation of something I saw on someone's blog. I put a bunch of different colored refrigerator magnets into a paper bag. There were 5 different colors and about 3 or 4 of each color in the bag. I asked a super singer to reach in the bag and 'choose the red' and if they did pull out a red then they got to choose a song to sing. If they pulled out the wrong color, then we sang through CTR again. Pulling out the right color is nearly impossible so it was a really fun way of repeating the verse over and over. I kept it very fast paced and didn't allow much time to pass between ending the a song and choosing a new color. For us-the 'right color' was only pulled on the very last chance so it was super fun. The children were loving the song by the time we were done." (Idea shared by Kim Zirker / Primary Music Yahoo Group)  ADDITIONAL SUGGESTION by Charlene in Texas:  "To add on to this idea, I thought of having two bags. One a paper bag, and then a clear bag. The clear bag is like having the Holy Ghost to guide us in the way we should go and in our decisions. You can see the choices, you know what the consequences are to the choice. The paper bag is like those who don't have the Holy Ghost to help in the choices we make. So you could use the paper bag first so they get the repetition in, when they have it down good enough you can bring out the clear bag and show them how much easier it is to make the choice and pick the right color."

alt I thought others might be interested to know that learning “Choose the Right” is one of the requirements that the children can do to earn their Faith in God award. It is on page 7 of the booklet under “Learning and Living the Gospel”. I am only going to teach my primary verse 1 and 3, but thought I would challenge them to learn verse 2 on their own to fulfill their requirement and then if they will come and sing it to me I will sign it off for them. It is a great way to get them to learn the hymn and work on their faith in God at the same time.  (Idea by Rena in Edmonton, Canada)

alt After visiting "In the Leafy Treetops" blog, and seeing the totally AWESOME Cheat Sheet for "Choose the Right" I decided to send it home with my children and ask them to sing the song every night before bed.  So I made up a little CTR chart for them to color each night they sing the song.  Complete the chart (by singing and coloring the shields) and bring it back for a treat!  Click here for file.  (Idea from Primary Music Yahoo Group / Contributor name unknown)

alt Choose the right shields - Jalee writes, "I will cut the shields out and hold them up.  That way whenever I pull out the shields, they will automatically know they are singing "Choose the Right."  It has all three verses."

alt Amy writes, "I cannot claim this idea. An amazing friend of mine came up with it, but I used it and it was FANTASTIC! I had the senior primary singing the whole 1st verse with no mistakes in 10 minutes.  Here we go: Wrap one box beautifully w/ ribbon etc.  and cover another smaller box with brown craft paper and wrap it so that it's open and they can see that there isn't anything inside. Show them that the smaller, brown one is empty. Ask them which gift they would choose? (Call on the child who won't give the sassy answer. :)  )  The beautiful one is the obvious choice. Then stick a sign on the brown one that says "right." Ask them if they would change their mind if someone they trusted told them that the RIGHT choice was the brown one and they would be happier if they chose it. Again, recognize the kids that give the appropriate answer, ignore the rest. Say the words, pointing to two the boxes, "Choose the right when a choice is placed before you." Quickly add these items to the box: A sign that says "the Holy Spirit Guides", a small flashlight, a large paper heart (fold it in half to get it in the box if you need to) that says "CONFIDES." Go over the first line again and then dramatically point into the box and say "IN the right the (pull out the sign) Holy Spirit guides." Go over/repeat as needed. Pull out the flashlight, describe how the Holy Ghost could be a light to guide your choices.  Turn it on, shine it above your head and make a circle motion toward the ceiling with it. Explain that the sign language sign for "forever" (actually it's for "always", but close enough, right?) is making a circle as you point up. As you make a flashlight circle on the ceiling repeat "And It's light is forever shining ore you." As you say "when in the right" point again into the "right" box and pull out the heart that says "CONFIDES." Teach them what confides means then teach them the line "your HEART CONFIDES."  For the chorus I just had one CTR shield and had my volunteer raise it each time we said "choose the right." for "let wisdom mark the way before" I stroked my chin with a ponderous look on my face and then firmly pointed straight ahead of me. "In it's light" I used the sign language sign for light. It's a good one to know because light comes up a lot. For "God will bless you ever more" I just pointed  and looked up for "God" then "bless" was just using my hands like laying on of hands. Simple, but it worked. Yay for that!" (Shared by Amy Greenway / Primary Music Yahoo Group)

alt (Idea by Angie Rhodes / Primary Music Yahoo Group) - There were a couple of moments that seemed to really connect with my Primary today so I thought I would share because they fit into any verse of the hymn this month.  I had the children listen today for a music pattern in the hymn. I wanted them to hear the ascending three notes that happen throughout the song, particularly when we sing the words "choose the right" most of the time. When we had listened and found those, I talked to them about how each time we make a right choice, we become closer to heaven, closer to Jesus Christ, and more like him. During a previous sharing time a couple of weeks ago, a sister had drawn a set of three stairs with a picture of Christ at the top and gave them examples of choices. If they made a right choice, she moved a figure that represented the children up one step. I reminded the children of that visual, but if you hadn't had the same visual in your primary, it would be easy to place on the board now. I challenged them to think about becoming closer to Jesus each time they heard that three-note ascending pattern.  I also shared with them a little bit of story from Alice in Wonderland, because President Monson has done so before when talking about choices:

As Lewis Carroll tells us, Alice was following a path through a forest in Wonderland when it divided into two directions. Standing irresolute, she inquired of the Cheshire Cat, which had suddenly appeared in a nearby tree, which path she should take. “Where do you want to go?” asked the cat.
“I don’t know,” said Alice.
“Then,” said the cat, “it really doesn’t matter, does it?”

I reminded the children that we DO know where we want to go and because of that, we are able to choose the paths that will lead us there.

alt Teaching Music by Rote

Comments (14)
  • sallee

    What great ideas!! I think I will use the CTR shield provided and enlarge it a little to make CTR shields out of cardboard or foam core with key words on them.
    One of the children made a "shield of faith" for me to help with music last year and that shield was the very favorite of all props. Thank You -Thank You.

  • Kathy C

    Oriental Trading had some cardboard shields. They were 12 for $10.00. They are a fairly good size. I bought some and am planning on using them when I teach "Choose the Right".

  • Leash

    Is it really only 1 verse that we teach? Not all 3?? The sharing time book didn't specify...

  • gini

    I used old aluminum round platter/trays that came from a grocery store years ago. I'm not even sure they make them anymore (I see a lot of plastic nowadays). I nested two trays together for extra strength and connected them with 5 brads around the edges. Punched two holes in the center, pulled rope through, and knotted the ends. Using a large permanent marker, outlined the shape of a CTR shield and added the letters. (I also used this with Nephi's Courage.) Virtually no expense, but probably won't last long.

    I've also used thick cardboard from Costco (when they used to give it away); colored a CTR shield on white poster board, and rubber cemented it onto the cardboard adding two holes in the center for a rope handle. These worked well and were very sturdy.

  • idayley

    Carrie, Love your flipchart! Can you correct the words on the 2nd page (not "the", but "a";) and repost? Actually, I'd prefer it as a Word document - can you send me that, or post it here? THANKS! My goal is to teach all 3 verses. I teach all the verses on every song we sing. We might have small groups of children singing 1 or 2 of the verses in the presentation, and everyone on the chorus, so no one has to memorize it all. :) I remember hearing people say Praise to the Man was too much for primary aged children... well it is still my 4 year old son's favorite bedtime song. :)

  • Esther Sumner

    Love all the great ideas at SugarDoodle. I think I will try to incorporate the idea. I've been sharing my own ideas, combined with some of these ideas, here, including a Choose the Right game I made:

  • Cin

    I think I am going to print and cut out different colored CTR shields and have the kids pull them out of the bag.

  • AML

    Ladies, I adore these flipcharts, and I'm so grateful for the hard work everyone puts into them. However, every single one of them makes the mistake of putting "it's" for "its" in the part about "in its light." C'mon, we're smarter than that! And our primary kids will be too if we make sure things are spelled correctly when we teach them.

  • Judy Cox

    Another wording problem - on the flipchart, it says "Choose the right, when THE choice is placed...". The correct wording is "Choose the right when A choice is placed...."

  • Amy Weston

    I made a bullseye on the blackboard with chalk and put the numbers 1-5 on it. Number 1 was in the middle and so on. I would teach them a line and then blindfold a child and spin them around. I made a CTR shield and taped magnets on the back. I gave them a shield and played like pin the tail on the donkey. Wherever the shield landed was how many times we have to practice the line before we could move onto the next. Both JR. and Sr. primary learned the whole song today using this game and they had a lot of fun.

  • Emmy W.

    Yes--please, please, PLEASE change "it's" to "its" when you show this to your primary children!!! As an English teacher and primary chorister, it is so painful to me when there are misspelled words and punctuation/grammar issues on flipcharts! (And yes, I do really appreciate the hard work that you've put into them!)

  • Liassides

    I need help, we lost all our confident singers and alot of our girls this past year when they all moved up to young mens/womens. My problem now is i have only 2 or 3 girls who sing lovely but very quiet and loads of boys who just aren't interested at all and i'm really struggling trying to get them excited about any songs?!?! What can i do? i fear i will be singing a solo at this years Primary presentation :-?

  • Jewel E

    This worked great in our primary today, but it would work for any song and any verse. I split the song into 5 sections and wrote the words for each section on a heart. I then hid the 5 hearts around the room (on the piano, at the microphone, behind the clock, under someone's chair, on the window, and on the back of the door.) I talked about the Holy Ghost helping us choose the right by giving us a good feeling in our heart and that we were going on a treasure hunt today to see if all our "hearts" could help us learn a new song. I let the kids play pictionary to discover where the next clue was located, and then someone got to go search until they found the heart. After each heart we sang the song up to that point before searching for the next part of the song. The kids loved trying to figure out where the hearts were, and they WANTED to know what was coming next in the song!

  • Heather B

    I am going to have some choices for the kids to make and if they choose the right something cool will happen & we'll sing Choose the Right, but if they choose the wrong nothing will happen & they'll pick a song to sing. I made a volcano out of clay. I will have two bags, one with a cup of vinegar and one with nothing in it. I will have a secret message written on a piece of paper (you use white crayon) and nothing on another. They choose which one to scribble over with a marker to reveal the message. I'll have two bottles with vinegar and balloons over the top. One balloon has baking soda. If they lift that one, the balloon will blow up. I'll have a cup with water and a cup with club soda, they'll choose which to put raisins in. If they choose club soda the raisins will dance. Then we'll talk about how they have help with the choices they make in their life unlike in our little experiments. (Experiment tutorials here: preschool-science.html)

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