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by Anjanette Ludwig of Tempe, Arizona / ga01142008

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The following bulletin board is for the 2008 Theme of "I'm a Child of God":


The second one is an idea or inspiration I had when I thought and prayed about the themes for the first quarter of 2008. We plan to change the back bulletin board quarterly to correspond with the themes. The 1st quarter themes are about who we are, the world we live in and the plan. I felt inspired to have the children actually "see" themselves in the creations. I had the children and the Primary teachers trace their handprints. I used them to make the rainbow and the flowers. I used mirrors as the center of the flowers so the children can "see" themselves in the creations. I used the last of the second line of the song "Heavenly Father Loves Me" as the words. It's very fun for the children to see their reflection in the mirrors!

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