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alt Click here for a copy of the sheet music to this song from 

alt A good graphic to go along with this here.

alt Children Holding Hands Around the World Flipchart by Laurey Lee

alt Flipchart by JollyJenn

alt Teach the chorus first. Divide the children into four groups. Tell the first group to join hands and echo the first phrase back to you after you sing it: “We are children holding hands around the world.” Tell the second group to march in place and extend their arms as if they were holding a large flag and echo, “Like an army with the gospel flag unfurled.” Tell the third group to gesture with their arms toward heaven as they echo, “We are led by His light,” and place their hands on their hearts as they echo, “And we love truth and right.” Ask the fourth group to think of something they do to build the kingdom—help others, bring friends to Primary, pay tithing, etc. Choose one action to mimic as they echo back to you, “We are building the kingdom of God.” Sing the chorus by groups, then exchange phrases and sing again. Sing the first verse for them in phrases and clap the rhythm. Have them repeat each phrase, clapping and singing with you. Gather or draw simple pictures to illustrate the words: for example, Primary picture 3-65 (children singing in Primary), GAK 600 (The World), a smiley face, a bell, a flashlight. Have one child demonstrate “standing tall,” another child “walking strong,” and another holding a CTR shield for “choosing right.” Or have all the children stand for “standing tall,” march in place for “walking strong,” and hold up their CTR rings for “choosing right.” Have them sit down on the two rest beats. Follow the same approach to teach the second half of the verse. [Idea from May 2006 Friend Sharing Time Suggestion]

alt OCD Primary Chorister

alt You could have the children take construction paper, outline their hands and write the following things on one side:  their first name, age, what state they live in ,and their favorite primary song.  On the other side they could draw a picture or write their testimony.  You could then exchange these hands with another Primary around the country or world.  Network with people.  Do you have a missionary serving in your ward?  Do you have family members in another state?  If they are willing to "swap" hands, ask for the person's e-mail address and you could correspond until the project is complete.  You could then put these "hands" up all over our room to reinforce the idea that there are children all over the world who are members of the church and believe as they do.  
alt For the versus, I had the lines typed out to the versus and gave them to the classes and asked them to repeat them a few times (in small groups). Then we listened to the song on CD and I asked the classes to listen for when their part was sung. They all smiled and easily recognized when they heard their part. I then went through the song a few times and had each class stand and sing their part. For the second verse we are adding a little harmony part so I am going to work with the girls either in their class next week or ask them to come to my home and practice a few times. It's a really simple part.  For the chorus, I had them beat out the rhythm since it's a little tricky. Then we hummed it together, then worked on the words.  "We are children holding hands around the world" - had two children come up and hold hands, and another child hold the picture of the world from GAK (Gospel Art Kit). 

"Like an army" - picture of stripling warriors
"With the gospel flag unfurled" - waved our "Title of Liberty" flag
"We are led by his light" - picture of Christ and a candle
"and we love truth and right" - word strips of "truth" and "right" with a heart superimposed. 
"We are building the kingdom of God" - had them pretend to be building (like in the "Wise Man" song).

I also pointed out that the music builds right there at the end so that helps us to remember to build. Next year I plan to teach the verses to everyone but with 5 weeks until the program I figured this was the easiest way this year. They learned it pretty well the first week. Next week we'll work on it some more and then we are going to review all the songs for the CSMP before the big practices and performance. (Credit Unknown)

alt If anyone is interested in printing out flags from around the world as visuals for May to go along with the Holding Hands song, I found a website that gives an alphabetical index of all the countries in the world & their flags. I just picked a few (37 to be exact) and did the right click and save as. Then I printed them out 5x7 size on card stock and I'm going to use them as decorations for the room. (Jessica Skinner)

(Credit Unknown) I taught Holding Hands in February because I am going to be gone most of the month of May.  I'm not the most creative person, but I will happily share what I did with my children.  To start off introducing the song, I played the song on the CD player.  Then, I had them bang out the rhythm (which is tricky) with wooden blocks that they hit together.  This was a huge hit and at first not successful as far as beating out the actual rhythm, but after a couple times through, they had it down well.  Then I taught the chorus.  I had photos with words to help them out.

The next week, I taught the first verse to the seniors and the first part of the the first verse to the juniors.  I put flags from different nations on the back of each chair in the Primary.  I had each of them look at the colors they had in their flags.  Then, I told them when I waved the scarf that had one of their colors, they had to stand up and sing.  We just kept singing it over and over until they had it.  The seniors had such fun they didn't even notice that they sang it over and over or that they had actually learned it through repetition!!!  My juniors had fun playing the game, but they sang through the whole thing.  There was too much coordination between remembering the colors, watching me, standing up, and singing only when you were standing!  But, they sang, and they had fun. The next week, for the seniors, I played a matching game with key words to the phrase on the back.  I had pictures of children from all over the world in their native dress.  Then, I had pictures of Books of Mormon in their native tongue.  They had to match them up.  So that the order of the phrases would be correct, I handed them the picture of the child (does that make sense?) Anyway, this seemed to be a big hit as well because the children were challenged.  The seniors learned the second verse that week.  With my juniors we did hats from around the world and worked more on the first verse. The last week, I had multicultural hands that I gave to each child.  With the seniors, we did the stand up and sing when your hand is chosen, and then if you have a girl hand, or a boy hand etc.  It kept their interest because they had to pay close attention to which hand I was holding up.  With my juniors, I had a huge fabric map of the world that I laid on the floor.  I just had them hold their little multicultural hand and march around the map of the world singing the verse.  They had fun, but didn't sing too much because they were busy watching the person in front of them.  So, expect mayhem if you use this idea. If I were doing it again, I'd have them just march around the room.  Anyway, our seniors know the entire song from memory but they get mixed up at the end of the second verse and our juniors know the first verse and chorus.  They really like this song a lot and thought it was one of the most fun to teach.  It's really catchy!

alt Review Holding Hands Idea #1 - I have made some little stick people holding hands (the paper kind you can easily make), but I made each one out of a different color. As we review this song later in the month I can hold up the people and have all the kids sing, but the ones who are wearing that color stand while I have that color showing (or who have that eye color, hair color, shoe color, etc.).  (Credit Unknown)

alt Review Holding Hands Idea #2 - I bought one of those sticky hands at Wal-Mart for .88 cents and I have printed up key words that go with the verse. I put together pictures to help them remember the words, too. I am going to have the key words on the floor and choose children who are singing their best come up and "choose" a word with the sticky hand. Then we will have to match it to the picture it goes with. I hope they will have fun and memorize the words a little easier.  (Credit Unknown)

alt Song Idea by Anne Brown

alt Song Idea by Annie Emmertson

alt (Idea by Holly Simmons)  On this song, I drew pictures for the various phrases, put them in page protectors and then placed them in a binder. I flip the pages until we get to the chorus. Then, we use the actions suggested in the Friend.


"We are children, holding hands around the world" - hold hands and raise them in the air
"Like an army with our gospel flag unfurled" - put hands together and pretend to wave a flag in the air
"We are lead by his light" - Raise hand in the air, arms straight and extended towards heaven. The children have tendency to look up as well
"For we love truth and right" - put hands over heart, sign language for love
"We are building the kingdom of God" - pretend to stack blocks or bricks upon one another

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