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alt Children all over the world flipchart by Loralee Kurzius 

alt (Idea by Bethany Price)I taught this using poster board and drawing a costume on each representing that language/country.  I had children hold the costume up to their chin to look as if they were wearing the costume.  Then I used the questions/idea out of the green Children's Songbook Companion book.  I think I taught them the languages first and we memorized that part through repetition and the costumes.  Then I used the questions and sang the lines asking the questions and just kept repeating.  After each time we repeated the languages I would ask the children to give their costume to someone that had not had a turn yet.  I just used the pictures out of the same book to draw my costumes.  I am not a perfectionist so my attempt to draw the costumes was just fine for me. Now the children will request that song, it is so much fun.  
alt Flipchart for "Children All Over the World" by Carrie

alt Flipchart by JollyJenn
alt Children All Over the World - November 1975 Friend Magazine

alt (Idea from Amy): Many years ago a lady in my ward taught it by having children wear simple costumes.  When I was made the chorister I made a poster with pictures of children from those places.  Both ways worked really well.  I made my poster like a book - took a normal poster board and folded it in half.  I wrote the first part of the song on the front - with a graphic of the world, and a graphic of a child kneeling to pray.  Then on the inside I had the different pictures of the children - with the words they used for thank you - and then in parenthesis the phonetic way to say it.  Then on the back of the poster board the words to the rest of the song.  That poster has been used for 5 years.

alt OCD Chorister

alt  Camille's Primary Ideas

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