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David Writes: This weeks presentation was written by Ericka Covalt and previously published here on sugar  I tweaked it a little in terms of imbedding the music and adding the  slides.   If you want to see Erika's original presentation, you can find it under the Primary 6 Lesson menu.    I also posted this in the 4 different formats that have been requested in the past. 

Note:  If you have problem downloading these to your computer, right click on "CLICK HERE" (above), then click on "Save Link as" and indicate where you want to save it.  Be sure to save all these files in the same directory (Set up a new directory for each lesson)

First Time Power Point users: If this is your first time using these power points, CLICK HERE for additional information about them.

David Requests:  I'm finding these power point presentations are being used all around the world.  If you could be so kind as to indicate where you are commenting from when you leave a comment, It would help with my curiousity on just how far these programs are going out into the world.  Just leave a general location like your state, or part of the state such as Northern California, Fiji, or Sycamore, Illinois Ward.   Thank you - dh

Comments (7)
  • Sister Romprey  - Primary teacher Valiant 9

    These are soooo helpful I use them and all the ideas all of the time. Thank you. Las Vegas NV

  • Reba Rich  - Great PPT Lessons

    I've looked at many of David Hill's ppt lessons for a more clear way to teach the scriptures to my primary kids. It's helped me immensely! Thanks to David and the whole Sugardoodle Family! Your website with its lesson helps, creative object lessons, and handouts is invaluable.

    Phillipsburg, NJ

  • Bro Wilson  - Primary Lessons

    The PPT lessons are fantastic. The handouts are great. I use these tools in my class each week which keeps the children enthused. Keep up the good work. I appreciate the hard work that went into creating this material.


    Bro Clayton Wilson
    Newcastle, NSW

  • Mindy  - LOVE THEM!

    Use your powerpoints all the time in Queen Creek, AZ Stake

    Thanks for all your time putting these together. It helps so much keeping the kids (and teacher) focused on the lesson, and makes sure we cover everything! I have started using them on my ipad (using the Keynote app) Works great!

  • David Hill

    Hi Mindy,

    If you are in the Gilberts arizona mission area, could you e-mail me, I have a request to make. ( if you are not in that area, please let me know that as well. Thank you David

  • Patricia Allen  - Thank you

    I love your PP presentations, not only they follow the manual, they have very interesting and appropriate additional information. I am also learning a lot :-)
    Colorado Springs, CO

  • Tami  - These are wonderful

    Thank you for the time you invest in these presentations. They are wonderful. Vail, AZ

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