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   If you have ideas on how to teach any song listed below or ones in the hymn book or Friend, e-mail me.


Teach me to walk in the light, pg. 177
Teacher, do you love me? pg. 178
Tell me, dear Lord, pg. 176
Tell me the stories of Jesus, pg. 57
Thank thee, Father, pg. 24
Thank thee for everything, pg. 10
Thank thee for the world so sweet, pg. 20a
Thanks to our Father, pg. 20b
Thanks to Thee, pg. 6
The Article of Faith Songs
The Baby Jesus from December 1990 Friend Magazine
The Books in the Book of Mormon, pg. 119
The Books in the New Testament, pg. 116
The Books in the Old Testament, pg. 114
The Chapel Doors, pg. 156
The Church of Jesus Christ, pg. 77
The Commandments, pg. 112
The Dearest Names, pg. 208
The eighth article of faith, pg. 127
The eleventh article of faith, pg. 130
The Family, pg. 194
The Family is of God (October 2008 Friend Magazine)
The father of our home leads our family, pg. 209
The fifth article of faith, pg. 125
The First Article of Faith, pg. 122a
The First Noel (violin duet - off site)
The Fourth Article of Faith, pg. 124
The Golden Plates, pg. 86b
The Handcart Song, pg. 220
The Hearts of the Children, pg. 92
The Holy Ghost, pg. 105
The Iron Rod, pg. 274 of the Hymn Book
The Lord gave me a temple, pg. 153
The Nativity Song, pg. 52
The Oxcart, pg. 219
The Priesthood is Restored, Hymn 89
The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden, pg. 237

The Sacrament, pg. 72
The Sacred Grove, pg. 87
The Scriptures Can Lead Me To Jesus (May 1999 Friend Magazine)
The Shepherd's Carol (Round), pg. 40b
The Sixth Article of Faith, pg. 126a 
The Spirit of God, Hymn Book, pg. 2
The Still Small Voice, pg. 106
The Thirteenth Article of Faith
The Tenth Article of Faith, pg. 128b
The Things I Do, pg. 170
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man, pg. 281
The World Is So Big, pg. 235
There was starlight on the hillside, pg. 40a
This is God's House, 30b
This is my beloved Son, pg. 76
To Be A Pioneer, pg. 218
To Think About Jesus, pg. 70
Truth from Elijah, pg. 90
Two Happy Feet

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