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   If you have ideas on how to teach any song listed below or ones in the hymn book or Friend, e-mail me.


O Father, look on us today, pg. 23a
Obedience, pg. 310
Oh, come with me to Primary, pg. 255
Oh, how we love to stand, pg. 279
Oh, hush thee, my baby, pg. 48
Oh, what do you do in the Summertime? pg. 245
On a Golden Springtime, pg. 88
Once there was a snowman, pg. 249
Once within a lowly stable, pg. 41
One in a million (From the Friend Magazine)
One, tow, I stretch up tall, pg. 275b
Our bishop, pg. 135
Our chapel is a sacred place, pg. 30b
Our Christmas Story Tree (Dec. 2010 Friend Magazine)
Our door is always open (round), pg. 254b
Our Primary colors, pg. 258
Our prophet has some words for you, pg. 159
Over the winding trail forward we go, pg. 217

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