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 alt I wonder when He comes again (song flipchart) by Pam Hicks

alt Song Flipchart by Pam Hicks [pdf] - 19 pages. (ga12062013)

alt (Idea by Nicole Soh) - I taught this song today and there were about 6-8 of the children who already knew it so that helped.  They were all singing the first verse by the end of the 15 minute singing time.

I made up little cards (about 4 x 5) and drew pictures on them to go with the phrases:

*question mark (I wonder?)
*an angel
*snow covered hill (drew the hill outline with dusty blue pen then colored the sky so the ground was still white)
*spring scene (green grass, flowers, blue sky)
*grey sky with stars, one bigger and brighter
*sun/moon (I split the page with a diagonal line and put one in each corner)
*bird in a nest with music notes
*picture of Christ with children (VERY rough sketch, I would have preferred using one of the primary pictures from the library)
*the words "suffer them to come to me."

First I started by asking if the children ever thought about what it would be like when the Savior comes back to earth. Day? Night? Winter? Summer? Raining? Then I started adding in ideas from the song...."do you think all the birds will burst into song?", "do you think there'll be a bright star in the sky", etc. After we talked about it for a few minutes I sang the song for them. I could see some of the children mouthing the words along with me, which is always a good sign! Then I asked them what things the song wondered about. As they remembered phrases "herald angels", etc, I'd put the card up, in order. They were able to remember most of the things in the song.  Then I repeated the words to the song all the way through, then phrase-by-phrase having the kids repeat after me. After that we sang it through two times. Nearly all the children sang (except the few who never do anyway) and it sounded really good! I ran out of time, so next week we are going to do it again mixing up the order of the cards and making someone put them right while we all sing.

alt I wonder when He comes again - flipchart by Kaja Sample

alt Flipchart by Jolly Jenn

alt Watch the sign language video for this song from the Church's Website.  Scroll down and click on song.

alt (Idea by Donya Harvey) - We've been learning the last of the first verse of "I Wonder When He Comes Again". We talked about what they would do if when they walked out of sacrament meeting the Savior where there at the door of the chapel to greet them and what it would be like if He were in Primary with us. They said that they would run to Him and hug Him and want to be held by Him.  We then learned the "I'm sure He'll call his little ones Together round his knee --- I asked them who "His little ones" are?  They all said at once "that's us!" Then I told them that we're pretty sure that that is what He'll do because that is what He did in Jerusalem and with the Nephites and Lamanites -- "Because He said in days gone by, "Suffer them to come to Me.""  We worked on having them watch me when they sing "gone by" because I get to hold the "by" out as long as I want and then cut them off. Next week I think I'll invite one or two of the children to come up and help me conduct the song--then they can hold out the "by" and cut them off. I think that they'd enjoy it.  They sang so well and I could feel a strong testimony that he would come again, and I could feel our Saviors love for us, I got goose bumps!  In Senior Primary, I divided the lines from the first and second verses between the classes. I had them each sing their lines separately and then had them sing all together "I'm sure He'll call...Suffer them to come to me." and "You've served me well, my little child; Come unto my arms to stay." They sounded like a choir. I had goose bumps to the top of my head! What a song!

alt I printed off the flipchart from Jolly Jenn and put the pages in page protectors.  In younger singing time - we happened to have only 12 there today. I gave each child a piece of the song (there are 12 pages for the 2 verses) - but not in order.

They looked at their pictures (and words if they could read) and then we sang the first line and the person who thought they had it raised their hand and I had them come and hold their picture up. Then we sang from the beginning including the next line and the person who had that one came up, etc.

For the 2nd verse - I took away all the first verse pages and had all the 2nd verse page holders come to the front and get in the order they thought it might go. Then we sang the 2nd verse and they got to see if they were right. They weren't, so they rearranged. Then we sang it again.

In older singing time - We stood in a circle and I gave the first verse out in the wrong order to 6 children - the others who didn't have pictures-rearranged them how they thought it should be-they had the length of time it takes to play the song on the piano. Then they hid their pictures from everyone and we sang the verse. Then they showed the pictures again and they decided whether this was their final answer. (They rearranged.) And then we sang the verse with the pictures showing. We did the same for the 2nd verse. We had a good time."  (Idea by Lee Slichter from McCall, Idaho)

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