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alt Fun with the phone by Luana Willis

alt Flipchart for "A Child's Prayer" by Carrie

alt (Idea from February 2005 Friend) Teach this by asking questions to direct the children’s listening as you sing it. To teach the first verse, post GAK picture 216 (Christ and the Children), pictures 3-24 (boy praying) and 3-60 (girl praying) from Primary 3, and a drawing of the moon and stars (representing heaven). Sing the first two lines, and ask the children to listen for the questions the child has about Heavenly Father and prayer. Take their responses, have a child choose and hold a picture that represents those lines, and sing that much together. As you sing the next two lines, ask the children to listen for what the child has heard about heaven and then for a clue that the child may be receiving an answer to his or her questions. (“But I feel it close around me as I pray.”) Take responses, let a child choose another picture, and sing all four lines together. As you sing the next two lines, ask the children to listen for something the child remembers. Take responses and sing that much together. Take GAK picture 216 from the board, and discuss the story from the back of the picture (see Mark 10:13–16). When you sing the last two lines, ask the children what the child is going to do because he or she remembered the story of Jesus. Sing and take responses, have a child hold the last picture, and sing the whole first verse together. Repeat the verse, referring to the pictures and using other singing methods (for example, right side of the room sings first four lines, left side sings second four lines; sing parts louder or softer).  The second verse answers the child’s questions with a firm testimony of prayer. Have the children listen for what this person knows as you sing the second verse. Take responses and teach the blessing of testimony. Teach this verse in sections using visuals (GAK picture 605—Young Boy Praying, a mouth, a heart, GAK picture 608—Christ and Children from around the World), repetition, and by marking the beat. When the children have learned both verses well, sing them together as a duet.

alt Camille's Primary Helps

alt OCD Primary Chorister - [Flipchart] [Video for teaching this song]

alt A Child's Prayer by Tamara Fackrell (song flipchart)

alt A Child's Prayer Flipchart by Loralee Kurzius - [pdf] [Word]

alt An idea on how to teach "A Child's Prayer"

alt A Child's Prayer by Amy

alt A Child's Prayer by Rosana in Orem

alt Flipchart by JollyJenn

alt A Child's Prayer by Janelle Sherrill - Song Presentation Idea

alt (Idea shared by Ondrea Slade) - My plan for presenting this song is to ask "trivia questions". As the children answer the questions, I will quickly discuss that topic then turn over the corresponding visual and teach those words.

Here are the questions I will ask:

#1 Who do we pray to? (Heavenly Father--in the NAME of Jesus Christ)
#2 Can Heavenly Father hear all our prayers? What if we are praying at the same time as someone else? (Of course. He is all powerful)
#3 What can we feel in our hearts when we pray? (Holy Ghost--it helps us feel close to Heavenly Father)
#4 Why did Jesus want to spend time with children? (They are perfect!)
#5 How can we talk to Heavenly Father? (pray) Will He answer? (yes, but not always like we think or when we think He will)
#6 How should we pray? (on our knees and out loud, when possible) When should we pray? (morning, evening, meals, meetings, prayer in our hearts)
#7 Who did Jesus say would inherit the Kingdom of Heaven? (children; those who are childlike)

alt (Idea shared by singthing12 on Primary Music Yahoo Group ) - I will be bringing in a special friend of mine his name is Tom and he is a little shy, but I am hoping the children will help teach him the song from this month. My friend is "Talking Tom" a free app that you can get for the ipod and ipad. I will be taking in an ipad because it is bigger and so hopefully they will be able to see Tom better. The neat thing about Tom is that he repeats after you (everything you say to him) an octave higher. My own children love to talk to him and hear him talk back.  So I will have various children come up and sing a line of the song to Tom then they will get to hear Tom sing back to them. We will do that for the whole song having different children come up to sing each line of the song and if they make a mistake we will do the line of the song until Tom (they) gets it right.  Talking Tom also has a recording function so I thought I light have the whole group sing the song together after and record it with Tom then I can post it to FB or somewhere where they can see it later.


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