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2010 HELPS:

 2010 Primary Presentation Ideas

2009 HELPS:

 2009 Primary Program by Jill Burch
 2009 Primary Program (in Spanish) by Alondra Lopez Huguett
 2009 Primary Program Outline by Joyce
 2009 Primary Program Outline by Samantha Atkinson
 2009 Primary Program Outline by Shelli Allen
 A Pioneer Program Review by Heidi Treu
 Mi Familia Eterna (in Spanish) by Rocio García
 My Eternal Family 2009 CSMP Program by Nola Frazier
 My Eternal Family by Missy Grossman
 My Eternal Family Primary Program 2009 by Sarah
 My Eternal Family Primary Program by Sarah (for small Primary)
 My Eternal Family Program by Sara
 My Eternal Family Program Outline by Erika Loveland
 My Eternal Family Sacrament Program by Heather Lyman
 Our idea for the 2009 Primary Program is to get the families involved. We thought to have each of the families of the primary take one month (theme and song) and present it as a F.H.E. lesson. You would obviously leave out all the prayers that are in a real F.H.E. I felt strongly that the theme is on families then we need to include the families. Some families you could pair up depending on the size of the ward. (by Emily Hadler / ga11022008)
 Primary Program 2009 by Bronywn Read
 Primary Program 2009 by Jessica Pohlman
 Primary Program 2009 by Sherry Langfitt

2008 HELPS:
 2008 CSMP Question Outline and Songs by Stephanie Sorensen
 2008 Primary Program by Emily Cushing
 2008 Primary Program by Sharon Hopkins  
 2008 Primary Program Outline by Jolly Jen
 2008 Sacrament Meeting Program by Lynda Whitlock
 I am a child of God and He has a plan for me by Carla Nelson
 I am a child of God Program Outline by Sister Lyman
 I am a child of God Program Outline by Teresa Murdock
 I am a child of God - Sacrament Meeting Program Outline by Joyce
 Sacrament Meeting Program by Lee-Ann
 Soy un hijo de Dios by Claudia Vargas (Spanish)

2006-2007 HELPS:
 2006 Primary Presentation Outline - Small Primary
 2007 CSMP Program Outline bv Lori Cluff (Written for a very large Primary)
 2007 CSMP Program Outline by Jessica Skinner
 2007 CSMP Program Outline for a small branch by Melissa Dillon
 2007 CSMP Program Outline by Teresa Murdock (For around 30 children)
 Planning Worksheet for 2007 Program by Jolly Jen


 We have a some what smaller primary (under 30 children) and wanted a way to make the program day even more special.  After church, we host a Ward Linger Longer in the gym/cultural hall.  In addition to serving light refreshments, we dim the lights and use the projector to share a slideshow of the children throughout the year at various activities, with their families, baptisms that took place, etc.  It's a nice culmination of the year and fun to see how everyone has grown and changed.   We include music with it and the older members of the ward enjoy mingling with the children and hearing the newer song again.  (Idea by Holly Baun / ga09262010) 


 2008 Comment Cards by Alana Lee 
 Comment Cards - What are they?

 "Wand"erful Singing! by JoAnne Dittmer
 You were a poppin' good singer! by Susan Budge
 Every member a missionary by Katie Poland
 Invitation to Primary Program by Lisa Koetsch
 Primary Program Invitations by Cara Webber

 Teacher Appreciation Songs by Carolyn Frances

 A nice gesture, if your budget allows for it, is to purchase a corsage for your Primary Music Leader and Primary Pianist as a token of appreciation for their hard work.
 Colored Footsteps by Jenny Anderson
 Have you started to stress? by Melissa Dillon
 Oh, the program's over.... by AnJanette Broderick
 "Microphone Manners” for Primary Sacrament Meeting Practice by Denise Atwood
 Paper CD Case - I thought this website would be helpful to those of you who make CD's for the children of the program songs each year.  This allows you to customize the case.
 Primary Program Preparation
 Primary Program Tips and Ideas
 Sample Primary Program
 We found a great scripture to use this year. Our 15 Sunbeams are memorizing it and will recite it for our program in the fall. Romans 8:16. "The Spirit itself, beareth witness with our Spirit, that we are the Children of God." (Idea shared by Kathee Merkley / ga02022008)

 Drawing the Primary Programs by Charper
 Personalized Primary Programs by Anjanette Ludwig
 Primary Program Covers

SHARING TIME IDEAS - for the day of your program
After our last program we let all the Primary teachers have the day off to go to their classes (Relief Society/Priesthood), then we combined junior and senior in the primary room and let them watch a church movie.  We gave each of them a cup filled with M&M's and pretzles.  They loved it!  Of course we praised them for all their hard work and thanked them for such a great program! (Idea by Jennifer Wilson-Portz)
 Are you smarter than a Primary child? by Michelle Pack
One year our primary had a cast party. We made tickets (invitations) for each child and had a primary activity a couple of days after the program. We had treats, games and awards (one for each child) that went along with the theme that year. (Idea by Bianca Bowman)
 Sharing Time by Connie Herron
 So you think you know the scriptures by Deb Roberts

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