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Priesthood Preview Printables by Leah Barrus

 What is the Priesthood Preview??

 Priesthood Preview Invitation Idea by Camille Duckworth

 Priesthood Preview Program by Debbie Davis

 Priesthood: Power To Serve Others - A sample Priesthood Preview Program

Priesthood Preview Invitation Idea by Tammy Nichols

 We had the best priesthood preview last year that we did a "Priesthood Tour". We started with each Bishop introducing the boys in their ward and telling us all a Christ-like attribute they've noticed about each of them (we gave them about a months notice on this and it was a great opportunity for the Bishop's to take notice of these boys in their wards and you could tell it meant a lot to the boys that they had. It also assured that we had 100% attendance from the Bishops!)  Then the boys traveled in a group (we only have 11 in the stake, on a larger level you could split them into small groups. We also got permission from the Stake President to include all boys age 10 & 11 as so many in our stake are going inactive younger and younger we are trying to think of ways to friendships within the stake to help bridge into the youth program) from point to point in the church. (ie- The boys went and sat around the sacrament table & in the prep room learning about the duties of a Deacon and the Aaronic priesthood, the origins etc., then baptismal font, the back of the chapel-- talking about the people you home teach). There was a different member of our stake presidency/ stake ym's that spoke at each stop and a youth that shared his testimony. It was very hands on and informative and the boys were so interested and reverent.  We ended in a darkened room where the Stake Young Men's President shared the quote about how the there would be no light on the earth without the priesthood. Then we gave each boy a small torch (flashlight).  We then ended with a lunch.  For social reasons it was a perfect ending for them to make friends with the boys their age.  (Shared by Alyssa Allgaier from Hyde Park, London / ga05192008)

Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood (handout idea)

The Mormon Home - Priesthood Preview

Priesthood Preview Invitation and Program Outline by Kitty Allan

 Priesthood Preview Outline

 We hold a Priesthood Preview on a ward basis a month prior to the first boy turning 12. This year we have two - July and November, so we will have it in June. The Bishopric Counselor arranges for speakers- we have three - the Young Men President, the Deacon's Quorum president and the Bishop's Counselor over Primary. The Scout master also attends. The families of the boys are invited. The Primary presidency and pianist come. We have had it at my home and I have served light refreshments after. It is less than an hour, and the Bishopric usually schedule it at 6:30 before their Bishopric meeting. I usually copy the Oath of the Priesthood on vellum and frame it over a 5x7 picture of the Savior. It has always been a special evening. (Idea by Kathy Oler)

 I was searching through the Church's website for more information to give out at our stake meeting, when I noticed that President Faust gave a talk in April 2007 (during the Priesthood Session) titled, "Message to My Grandsons."  What a great tribute for them to remember their grandfather by!  I thought it would also perhaps be a helpful addition to review to prepare for Priesthood Preview. (Idea by Ann in Utah)

 I have to say that one of the most touching parts of the program that we've ever done was to have the father (or mother or whomever) of each prospective Deacon stand up and share their favorite quality about that boy. Wow, is the spirit and love in the room SO STRONG!! Usually the Bishop, as he shares his closing remarks, is able to tie in many of the qualities that were shared to receiving and using the Priesthood. Since we discovered how powerful this is, we have not left it out and even used it in our Baptism Preview seminar as well. (Idea shared by Julie Jensen / ga04182007)

Program Idea #1

Program Idea #2

 What are some specific ways that our Primary can prepare our boys to receive the priesthood? - We also take a Sunday class time and arrange for the Deacons to come get the boys who are turning 12 that year (the Beehives get the girls). The Valiant 12's go to the class the and Deacons/Beehives explain what they should expect. This idea is found in the handbook, and it fulfills a Faith In God requirement for the 11 year old year section. We also make sure our teachers for the Valiant 12 class have a manual that includes the Priesthood Preparation lesson (our older manuals don't have it). I am referring to Lesson #47 that is to be given to boys and girls before the first boy turns 12...It is called "The Priesthood Can Bless Our Lives - Priesthood Preparation Lesson."  (Idea by Jamie)

 Priesthood Preview Program Cover and Invite by Natalie Hill

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