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  • jody wright

    I can only view lesson plan, not edit it for my dates. Is it possible to edit it for my dates? Thanks so much. I love the planner

  • Alison Kaberry  - Unable to open Excel file

    Thanks for the online planner, appreciate the effort you've made. We'd like to use the Excel version, but unfortunately the link tries to open it in Adobe Reader, which, of course, can't happen.

  • Jennifer Hanrion  - Unable to open Excel File too

    I also had trouble opening the Excel file, but would love to use this!

  • Heather  - EXcel file

    Alison Kaberry...if you "right click" on the "click here" link, you can save it as an excel file. Then it should open to excel from your downloads.


  • Danielle  - Heather, right clicking worked for me!

    Thanks so much for the hint to right click on the click here link. I was able to save it as an excel document!

  • Valerie  - Lessons scheduling on

    Also as an FYI, I just found this on a few days ago. You can create online calendars for Primary or any ward classes.
    This is the address for the tutorial lessonschedules/
    It looks like you can print out the schedule too but I haven't tried yet.

    Your ward auxiliary leaders, example: person assigned through the ward as the Primary President, can create and edit online primary lesson calendars.
    If you sign into your account you can access lesson schedules in your ward. In the pull down tab under your name there is a file "lessons".
    All of your ward members who have and account can access the ward/class schedules.

  • Michelle  - Still Unable to Open Excel File

    Even with Heather's suggestion, I'm still not able to save the file as an Excel file, just pdf. Can you check the link to see if there's a problem? Thanks so much for all of your creative talents!!

  • connie

    I am the stake Primary secretary and new to this calling. I was wondering where you get the 2014 lesson schedules from, do they come from the general primary or does each stake create their own.
    I can view the lesson schedule for 2013 on my lds tools but it shows nothing for 2014. I tried to create one on lds tools as Valerie mentioned but it appears I am not authorized to do so. So my question again is who makes up the schedules and puts them on lds tools?

  • Michele  - excel download problems

    I too am unable to download the excel form to adjust dates. Love this form! Wish I could edit it. :(

  • Shelby Thurman  - Can't open in excel

    Can't open this in excel

  • Melissa  - Please fix Excel link

    I would love for the Excel link to be fixed!
    Thank you!

  • Max  - Excel file

    If you want to download the Excel file and edit the calender, you have to right-click the "CLICK HERE" link and Save Link As...

    Worked for me :) I have just finished editing my calender according to my ward. Thanks for the help!!

  • Jill  - 2014 Primary Lesson Schedule

    I am only able to access the pdf format. The excel format will not open for some reason. Can you please e-mail me the excel format so I can modify the stake conference dates for our ward?

    Thanks so much!

  • Allison  - excel link does not work

    Even right clicking the "click here" does not work for excel....and this comes form a computer tech! LOL This would be so helpful in excel format!

  • Allison

    I think it is Windows 8 causing the problem with saving in excel. Windows 7 works with it!

  • Melanie  - excel link not working

    I'm also having trouble accessing the excel document. When I click the link it goes to a blank web page. When I right click the link to save as an excel document, as others have suggested, there is a .pdf at the end of the file name & of course excel won't open it with that suffix. I tried removing the .pdf but it wouldn't let me save it that way. I'm using an iMac running Mountain Lion software (OS X 10.8.5). Any help would be appreciated!

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