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Nilda writes, "I used the following letter about 7 years ago when I was Young Women  President. I didn't write it and I don't know where it originally came from. It was given to me many years ago.  However, I printed them on pretty stationary for each girl (specifically with their name) and put them in matching envelopes. All of the girl's loved them. 

On a side note, I felt prompted to also mail one to an inactive MiaMaid that I'd tried to reach many times, but could never get a hold of (phone, stopping by, etc.). Her mom had been inactive for most of this girl's life. When I made my next monthly visit they answered the door. I was immediately asked if I was the one that mailed the letter. Hesitantly, I said yes (thinking they weren't happy about it). The young woman said she hung it on her wall and read it every day. The mother thanked me and asked if I would pick her up for church and Wednesday night activities. She remained active until they moved out of state."

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