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CLICK HERE to open my ENGLISH packet (pdf)

CLICK HERE to open my SPANISH packet (pdf)

CLICK HERE to open my PORTUGUESE packet (pdf)


This file was created by Arie Van De Graaff of Mormon Cartoonist

CLICK HERE to open packet (pdf) - ENGLISH

CLICK HERE to open packet (pdf) - SPANISH (translated by Fressia Aguilar)

CLICK HERE to open packet (pdf) - PORTUGUESE (translated by Dani Queiroz de Souza)

 Conference is awesome folders by Allison Kimball

Poster size conference board by Allison Kimball


Young Women Personal Progress Conference Packet by Jennifer Day

Fantasy General Conference - Start a new family tradition.  Can you predict some events during Conference? Take a guess at which members of the 70 or which auxiliaries will speak to us. Guess the songs, conducting, and more. Accumulate points with your correct guesses. (Check out her Facebook Page)


His and Her Conference Journals by Colette 
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Getting the most out of General Conference (handout) by Courtney Aitken

Conference Crayons and Companions for her Primary class 

Katie's Blog-ness

Getting your kids excited about General Conference

Conference Cash


You could adapt this October 2012 conference packet by Food Storage and Beyond



Activity packet A to Z by Food Storage and Beyond


Conference Train by Katie's Blog-ness


Conference Cinnamon Rolls and Activities

Conference Paper Dolls by Michelle Rasmussen


Allison Kimball has made corresponding journal lables - go here

How can I prepare for General Conference from "Little LDS Ideas"

Book of Mormon Paper Dolls by The Red Headed Hostess


Deseret Book's Conference Packet

General Conference Family Home Evening



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