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by Shana Windham

This is what I did when I was in charge of preparing the inservice meetings. First I sent a survey around to our teachers to get a perspective of how they view their calling and what they need. Here is what I sent to them:

Dear Primary Teachers,

I am in the process of preparing and planning a teacher development/ leadership training meeting. Please answer the questions below to help me understand and meet your needs when I am planning this event.



 Please list the days and times which are best for you attend.

 What have you benefited the most from past training meeting?

 What type of information would you like learn about to help you magnify your calling as a Primary Teacher? ( i.e. reverence ideas, resources for lesson preparation, sharing time help, etc.)

 What help would you like to have from the Primary presidency?

 Do you know which Primary presidency member to contact if you are going to be gone on Sunday?

 Are their any questions that you have about the Primary program in general?

 Do you have any concerns or suggestions about Primary?

 Which class do you teach?

All my teachers returned them and the information that was provided was what was used to plan the meetings. The first meeting I had, only two teachers came but I was positive and had prepared handouts for every teacher which was given to those who didn't attend too.

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