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 File folders with assorted crossword, mazes, puzzles and activity pages from the Friend.
 One year we gave the teachers a small bag with the following in it: crayons, scissors, pencils, eraser and chalk. (Angela)
 We laminated CTR shield on one side of a popsicle stick and a sad face on the other, so the children can answer questions about whether something is good or bad. (Idea by Amy)
 We made a laminated game board with squares of move forward 2 for having FHE, back 1 - forgot to pray, etc. with blank spots for teachers to write in their own ideas to relate it to a lesson. (Idea by Amy)
 You are my shining star by Jeri Latimer


 Advent Christmas Chain by Heather Overly
 Christmas Clay from Holly's Corner - A Primary gift idea with all the printables.
 Christmas Primary Bulbs by Cathy Blackburn
 Christmas Stencils by Laurene Knighton
 Christmas Tree Star shared by Candi Lehenbauer (ga11082007) - You could laminate a star and give one to each child to put on top of their Christmas tree's at home.
 Family Proclamation puzzle
 For I am a Child of God by Shel Eldredge
 I used Crayola Model Magic (soft, squishy, modeling material) for making handprints for the children's Christmas presents for mom and dad.  It's nontoxic and it isn't messy or sticky.  Roll it out flat and round for a handprint.  Stamp the child's hand in washable ink and then on to the mold.  It dries in a day, but it isn't brittle and won't break.  We had a blast.  One package of Model Magic makes three molds, for one package that's $3.99. But you can buy it in bulk and it's cheaper and makes four molds per package.  The children LOVED it and it makes a great gift for parents.  I sprayed the molds with a clear paint so the ink won't wash off later, that's optional though.  I then wrapped it in colored tissue paper.  (Idea by Sharla Arnold / ga07222007)
 If the Savior Stood Beside Me by Celeste Bush
 One of the counselors in the presidency went out and bought plastic round ornaments from the dollar store, like four in a box. They are a kind of dark pearly green. She put the CTR shield and the letters CTR on them with glue and sprinkled green glitter on top. She said the letters also stand for "Christ the Redeemer". I thought they turned out amazing. She just started working on them this week and we have 50 primary kids. She also said the trick is to get the glitter on quickly so that the glue doesn't run. I suppose you could also you green glitter glue and it would be just as cute. She used gold ribbon as a hanger. (Idea by Trish Haley)
 Reverence Book by Rebecca Menzie
 Primary Advent Calendars by Janell Nugent
Tell me the stories of Jesus by Liesel Larson
 Wacky Buttons by Shanna Boyack
 Zipper pulls for scriptures and backpacks 

Comments (6)
  • Mary Kropp

    :cry: I printed out a poem a while ago that had to do with each child being different and special like snowflakes, and the last stanza didn't print out correctly; I got a bunch of random symbols etc. Now I don't seem to be able to find it again. Can you help? Thanks!

  • Ronda K. Dennis

    Janice Kapp Perry had a song "Single Snowflakes" in her book "Colors, Songs for Children" the words are by Val Camenish Wilcox. The 3rd verse goes "One distant snowflake looks much like them all, Look alike snowflakes that dance as they fall. Children like flakes must ve studied alone, Each has a character all of his own." Our primary children learned this and sang it at our ward Christmas party. Maybe this will help.

  • Anonymous

    I am also looking for the snowflake poem!

  • April

    This may be too little too late, but the snowflake poem you are looking for may be "For I Am a Child of God" by Shel Eldredge. You can find a link to it on this page. We used this poem one year to give to the kids for Christmas along with a snowflake ornament.

  • Linda Adams

    We made a little reverence booklet for the children to bring with their scriptures to church each week so that they can look at it and be reminded of what they should be thinking about during Sacrament meeting. We purchased the 3x4 cards with pictures of Christ and the took the words from Reverence is Love and split it onto 8 sentences. We then printed them 3x4 size in front of a picture of Christ on card stock and laminated those. We interspersed the song pages with the ones we purchased giving each packet a total of 14 pages and put them on little book rings. We are having a special sharing time the week before Christmas on Reverence and what it really means, to introduce them.

  • B  - Christmas

    Does anyone know if there are any guidlines on Christmas illustrations in church? We have a ton of sunbeams and for their Christmas gift I'd like to print out one of those darling printable nativities floating around on the web. The ones I like are all very simple, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know?

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