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alt Handcuffs (check your dollar store for plastic handcuffs or you could draw some) - "Don't be trapped in Satan's Snares and let him make you think there's no hope."
alt Handout from Emma's Place
alt Let your light Melissa Sauser
alt Repentance and Road Rash by Tiersa Ludlow
alt Repentance Handout by Erika Miller
alt Repentance is like a pencil by Shanna Vineyard
alt Repentance the 2nd great gospel principle by Sheila Benson
alt Soap of Life by Laurette Woodward
alt Steps to Repentance by Susan Staus
alt The 5 R's of Repentance by Tiersa Ludlow
alt U-Turns Allowed by Tatiana Riley

alt Be like pepper and RUN! by Summer Owens
alt Chastity, Repentance and the Penny
alt Life Stains All
alt Repentance must take place within
alt Repentance object lesson
alt The Soap of Life

RESOURCE GUIDE: (What is a resource guide?)

alt 2012 Resource Guide


alt Richard G. Scott, “Peace of Conscience and Peace of Mind,” Liahona and Ensign, Nov. 2004, 15. Include Elder Scott’s counsel in the section on “Repentance Is a Continuing Process.”
alt Jay E. Jensen, “Do You Know How to Repent?” Liahona, Apr. 2002, 14; New Era, Nov. 1999, 4. Insert the article’s conditions of repentance in the first section.

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