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CLICK HERE to open my ENGLISH packet (pdf)

CLICK HERE to open my SPANISH packet (pdf)

CLICK HERE to open my PORTUGUESE packet (pdf)


This file was created by Arie Van De Graaff of Mormon Cartoonist

CLICK HERE to open packet (pdf) - ENGLISH

CLICK HERE to open packet (pdf) - SPANISH (translated by Fressia Aguilar)

CLICK HERE to open packet (pdf) - PORTUGUESE (translated by Dani Queiroz de Souza)

 Conference is awesome folders by Allison Kimball

Poster size conference board by Allison Kimball


Young Women Personal Progress Conference Packet by Jennifer Day

Fantasy General Conference - Start a new family tradition.  Can you predict some events during Conference? Take a guess at which members of the 70 or which auxiliaries will speak to us. Guess the songs, conducting, and more. Accumulate points with your correct guesses. (Check out her Facebook Page)


His and Her Conference Journals by Colette 
*** PRODUCT FOR PURCHASE - Enter coupon code SUGARDOODLE for 30% off.  


Getting the most out of General Conference (handout) by Courtney Aitken

Conference Crayons and Companions for her Primary class 

Katie's Blog-ness

Getting your kids excited about General Conference

Conference Cash


You could adapt this October 2012 conference packet by Food Storage and Beyond



Activity packet A to Z by Food Storage and Beyond


Conference Train by Katie's Blog-ness


Conference Cinnamon Rolls and Activities

Conference Paper Dolls by Michelle Rasmussen


Allison Kimball has made corresponding journal lables - go here

How can I prepare for General Conference from "Little LDS Ideas"

Book of Mormon Paper Dolls by The Red Headed Hostess


Deseret Book's Conference Packet

General Conference Family Home Evening



Comments (18)
  • Summer  - Thank you!

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for featuring my cinnamon rolls post on your blog! I've been using your site for years to prepare lessons and am so honored to be a resource!

  • Erica Wilker

    Cant wait to try them! :D

  • Kellee  - Thank you!

    Thank you for the wonderful general conference packet and for posting all these resources! They are so helpful!!

  • Adri  - You're the best

    What a wonderful collection of ideas. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Rita  - Thank You!

    Melanie, thank you so much for these wonderful packets! I just printed mine and some of the children's ones for the grandkids! I am so excited to use them. Thank you so much for all your time in putting these together, they are so useful and I love how much more I learn when I take notes! :)
    May the Lord always bless you,

  • kat

    thank you!

  • Cristi  - Cristi

    I have used your amazing conference packets for years with my children! We still have some that I enjoy reviewing. Conference has been a fun family experience with great memories due to these fun and inspiring packets! Thanks so much! I am sharing them again this year with my children, and teenagers!

  • Katie  - Yay for Conference time!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I LOVE this time of year! Thank you for pulling so many wonderful trasures of ideas together to make things easier for the rest of us!!! It sure helps make General Conference a wonderful and exciting experience for our whole family. :) And I echo Summer, thank you for including me in the collection - what an incredible group to be mixed in with! Can't think of anything cooler than that!

  • Carrie  - Carrie - Thank you for all you have done!

    How does one express appreciation adequately for all the time and effort you all have given. Thank you for sharing is all I can say, but it means so much more. :kiss:

  • Amber B  - Gratitude

    Thank you for taking the time to put together all these cute ideas and packets for General Conference. My family and I love them!

  • Danielle  - Thank you so much!

    Melanie, you are awesome!
    Hugs from Brazil.

  • Michelle Daniels  - AMAZING!!!!

    What a wonderful person you are!!!! All my YW will have this packet in their hands for conference! Thank you so very much for sharing your talents...many blessing to you!!
    Provo, UT

  • Sharon

    Thank you very much for these resources!!

  • Jeannine  - Great activities!

    Thank you for creating these wonderful activities! I sent them to my busy little grandchildren to keep their attention during General Conference. ;)

  • Jessica Baksis  - Conference packets for adults

    Hi! I've gotten adult conference packets from your site before, but I don't see any this time. Any chance that you'll have some before Saturday? Thanks!

  • Jeanine  - Thank you!

    THank you for compiling all of these great ideas... and thank you for featuring my helps as well!

  • carolyn ellsworth  - Paper Dolls by Michelle Rasmussen

    Has anybody tried to download this file. It says it's free for PDF download, but when I try to download it requires that I select any option to pay to use the website. If anyone has been successful let me know how you did it. Thanks

  • Rob Nahoopii  - Thank You

    You are so awesome. My kids just love these activities and they actually sit in front of conference and watch while they work. Thank you,


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