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PURPOSE OF THIS LESSON - To help the children want to become pure in heart as was Enoch.

1. Primary 6 Lesson Cards by Letitia Drabsch - Handout Idea

2. Enoch Builds Zion - Flannel Board Cutouts

3. Scripture Story from

4. The City of Enoch Printable (scroll down page)

5. REVIEW - Draw a similar picture on the chalkboard (like the one on the right).  However, the city and clouds will have to be drawn on paper.  Review the lesson by using the questions from the lesson.  The child that answers correctly gets to raise the city and clouds a few inches.  Continue until you have reached the top of the chalkboard.

6. Make the following wordstrips in advance:

If your students are really up for a challenge, have them put the above wordstrips in the same order as the events Enoch saw in his vision.

7. City of Zion is Taken Up - Here is an image you could print and post on the chalkboard for your lesson.  It is from the Gospel Art Book available here.

8. Video Clip - Play the following video clip on Enoch if time permits. Total Running Time (3:11)

9. Enoch and a Zion People by Ericka Covalt - Power Point Presentation

10.  Enoch and a Zion People by Ericka Covalt / David Hill - Power Point Presentation

11. If you have time, you could teach your class the second verse to "Follow the Prophet":

Enoch was a prophet
He taught what was good
People in his city
Did just what they should
When they were so righteous
That there was no sin
Heavenly Father took them
Up to live with Him
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
Don't go astray
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
He knows the way.

12. City of Enoch Puzzle from the Friend Magazine

13. I can be pure in heart like Enoch - coloring page

14. The story of Enoch

15. Primary 6 Passport Booklet by Melanie Day

16. Chicken Scratch n' Sniff

17. Valiant Newsletter by Debra Nelson


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