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PURPOSE OF THIS LESSON - To help the children want to become pure in heart as was Enoch.

1. Primary 6 Lesson Cards by Letitia Drabsch - Handout Idea

2. Enoch Builds Zion - Flannel Board Cutouts

3. Scripture Story from

4. The City of Enoch Printable (scroll down page)

5. REVIEW - Draw a similar picture on the chalkboard (like the one on the right).  However, the city and clouds will have to be drawn on paper.  Review the lesson by using the questions from the lesson.  The child that answers correctly gets to raise the city and clouds a few inches.  Continue until you have reached the top of the chalkboard.

6. Make the following wordstrips in advance:

If your students are really up for a challenge, have them put the above wordstrips in the same order as the events Enoch saw in his vision.

7. City of Zion is Taken Up - Here is an image you could print and post on the chalkboard for your lesson.  It is from the Gospel Art Book available here.

8. Video Clip - Play the following video clip on Enoch if time permits. Total Running Time (3:11)

9. Enoch and a Zion People by Ericka Covalt - Power Point Presentation

10.  Enoch and a Zion People by Ericka Covalt / David Hill - Power Point Presentation

11. If you have time, you could teach your class the second verse to "Follow the Prophet":

Enoch was a prophet
He taught what was good
People in his city
Did just what they should
When they were so righteous
That there was no sin
Heavenly Father took them
Up to live with Him
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
Don't go astray
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
Follow the prophet
He knows the way.

12. City of Enoch Puzzle from the Friend Magazine

13. I can be pure in heart like Enoch - coloring page

14. The story of Enoch

15. Primary 6 Passport Booklet by Melanie Day

16. Chicken Scratch n' Sniff

17. Valiant Newsletter by Debra Nelson


Comments (9)
  • Anonymous

    This is brilliant for my primary class. We are studying the old testament. Thanks for all the help on this site. I use it all the time, but it's the first time I have made a comment.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any way to save these types of videos to my computer? I can't access the Internet at church, so I need to save them to play them on a laptop.

  • Anonymous
    Is there any way to save these types of videos to my computer? I can't access the Internet at church, so I need to save them to play them on a laptop.

    Instead of left clicking on the video link, you need to right-click on the video link and select save as.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE this website!! such great ideas for keeping the children engaged in the lesson.

    Thanks so much! :D

  • Andrea Barton

    Is there no Valiant newsletter for this lesson? I waited till the last possible moment hoping there would be one. Will it possibly be added later so i can send it to my class?

    My kids and the parents absolutely love the newsletter. We have our sacrament in the 3rd hour so they can do the activities and learn again about the lesson.

  • Rudy Montes  - Lesson 7 Newsletter

    Hi Fellow teachers,
    Since there was no Newsletter for lesson 7 and I have been recuperating from a cold I decided to make one. Where can I send it?

  • Debbie West  - Valient Newsletter for 11 year olds

    My class this year and last year have really enjoyed doing the valient newsletter. Last year you use to do the newsletters 2 weeks in advance, then 1 week, and now the day before the lesson. However, there was not even a newsletter for lesson 7, which was on Enoch. This week is now going to be lesson 8 (on Noah). The lessons will very from week to week all over the US and world, because of the different schedules for Stake Conference. So will you please go back to doing the news- letter a few weeks in advance, then everyone anywhere will be able to have the lesson newsletter on the week their ward is doing it.
    My kids are getting ready to move onto Young men and Young women, so this makes them feel older and smarter, preparing them for YMYW.
    Your newsletter is really good and covers the lesson really well, giving my kids a challenge with each part. Thank you very much. I look forward to once again getting the valient news-letter a few weeks in advance.

  • Debra Nelson  - Valiant Newsletters

    I appreciate all of the kind words about the Newsletters. I am sorry that some of them are posted close to your lesson. I know Sugardoodle has had some server problems, but I also have been a little behind in sending them in. I work full time, have a husband with medical problems and just try to find the time to create the newsletter (looking forward to retirement). I am trying to get ahead and just today submitted the Lesson 8 newsletter. If you have problems with them, contact me and I will try to send you the newsletter you are looking for.

    Debra Nelson

  • Kim G  - We are ALL capable.

    In defense of Debra....
    I too LOVE the Valiant newsletters, and in all honesty have become quite good at waiting until the last minute to get my lessons ready. Thank goodness for Debra and her kind heart for doing this for all of us. HOWEVER, I don't think we can expect her to always need to have it ready for the rest of us weeks in advance. IF and when she gets to it, well, that is wonderful. She is doing it as a total service, on her own time, and much to the sacrifice of time with her family.

    I guess what I am saying is, that we are all capable of contributing things such as this to Sugardoodle. We should not get so into the habit of EXPECTING things ready for us when WE want them.

    I am not trying to preach here, because heaven knows I am totally guilty of wishing something would be ready for me, but then I have to ask myself, "Why wasn't I more on-the-ball? "

    Thank you Debra! :)

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