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alt Choice and Accountability Candy Bar Wrappers
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alt Choice & Accountability

alt My testimony helps me choose the right

alt Agency and Accountability (Credit Unknown)
alt Family Home Evening from Deseret Book on Choice and Accountability
alt I Am Accountable
alt Making Good Choices: Stairways and Superheroes from FHETC.
alt We Can Choose
alt We started out with a treasure hunt with clues that were a little bit difficult. We let them fail and then get it right. The clues led to our snack. After they found the "treasure" we talked about how just like finding the clues had consequences (not finding the next clue or finding it), so does every decision we make have consequences, good or bad. When it is too hard we can ask someone (pray) and they will help us (Holy Ghost). If we make the wrong decision (sin) we can change it (repent) and we can start over (forgiveness).  Our children are 5,4,2,8 mo. This worked very well for us. It was a hit and the children really remembered it.  (Idea by Linda Leary / ga04102007)

alt A game of values
alt Choice and A"candy"bility Land by Shannon Abbott
alt Choice & Accountability Game - "Game of Light" : This game will teach Young Women about their choices relating to the standards found in For the Strength of Youth.
alt Choose the Right Game (from Primary Manual 2)


alt Breath mints/gum: Keep your conscience clean and bright. (Holly Schwendiman)
alt Candy Necklace: Ask them to think of ways to eat the necklace (all at once or one candy at a time). Now ask them, “How is the necklace like doing good or like making good choices?"  They may say that we can do one good thing all at once or we can do good things one at a time on different days.
alt "Chews" the right Gum Wrappers (Valentine Style)
alt Choose your own fortune
alt Compact mirror - "What you see is what you get, and what you do is what you are - choose carefully."  (Holly Schwendiman)
alt I alone am accountable for my choices
alt Make Something of Yourself - use small container of playdough
alt Mini Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers from  (#1), (#2)
alt "Now and Later" Candies with the following attached: "The choices you make now will affect you later.
alt Regrettio's : No virtue added! - Label to put around a can of spaghettios.
alt Restrictive Chains
alt The choices you make now will affect you later
alt Value Bookmarks by Nancy Yang
alt Value Keys from Mormon Share - (Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice & Accountability, Good Works, Integrity)  (Scroll down to find each one)
alt Why settle for just a chip?
alt Young Women Values Pencil Cards


alt The Choice
alt  We had a FHE lesson last night regarding choices & keeping the Holy Ghost with you, etc. The way it evolved went really well. I asked who had been to a fast food restaurant. Everyone raised their hands. I asked if they had ever gone in and not known what they were going to order. Everyone said yes. Then I asked them to think about how hard it was to decide. I asked if the people they were with had any influence on their decision. Everyone agreed.
Then I asked if they had ever gone into a fast food restaurant knowing exactly what they were going to order. One of my girls rattled off some specific hamburger concoction she orders at a fast food place. I asked if it was easier to make the decision when she knew ahead of time what she wanted, and she agreed. Then I related this to making choices before we get into a situation and explained if we are walking into a situation like a fast food restaurant and haven't made the choice ahead of time, we are more likely to allow those around us to influence our decisions, and we may end up deciding on something we wish we hadn't have later. We continued talking about things in "For the Strength of Youth", language, modesty, word of wisdom, etc., choices we can definitely make in advance. (Shared by Jana on LDS YW Yahoo Group)


alt Dare to choose the right (Primary Manual 2)
alt I can choose the right (Primary Manual 2)
alt I can make right choices (Primary Manual 2)


alt Choose the Right (Hymn Book pg. 239)
alt Come Follow Me (Hymn Book pg. 116)
alt Do What is Right (Hymn Book pg. 237)
alt Hymns that correlate with the value "Choice & Accountability"
alt I Will Look Unto The Lord In Every Thought
alt I'll Say No!
alt I'm trying to be like Jesus (Children's Songbook pg. 78-79)
alt Line Upon Line
alt We Will Follow The Lord
alt Whenever I Have To Choose


alt Act Well Thy Part  
alt Choosing the right is the only way to true happiness
alt Don’t Let Chance Determine Your Choices   
alt Get It Together
alt Get Yourself into a Tight Squeeze
alt Just Looking 
alt Make Your Move
alt Make Your Own Fortune


alt Choose the right when the choice is placed before you.
alt Cutting Corners (Object Lesson for Children)
alt Making the right choices in your life opens the door to other things
alt Speaking Negatively about others or Being Judgmental
alt Spiritual Guidance by Michael Meldrum 
alt The consequence stick that is also on one of John Bytheway CDs talks about a stick with choice printed at one end and consequence on the other.  He explains that once you pick up one end of the stick (choice end) you automatically pick up the other end (consequence end).  That would also be a great visual to demonstrate parts of this concept.
alt We are lifted up
alt We had two speakers who spoke on virtue for about 10 minutes each. Then the last speaker (YM President) asked the kids what it meant to "wax strong". He demonstrated by having someone come up and try and hold a string and have it stand up. Then he had a candle warmer with a jar of melted wax. Together he and the young man dipped the string in. Tested it a few times and still it wouldn't stand, but they kept at it and of course by the end it was coated enough that it would be able to stand on its own. He likened that to each choice we make making us a little bit stronger- it doesn't happen all at once. (YM President was John Powell / shared by Heather Beck / ga04182007)


alt CTR Behavior Chart by Allison Marcroft


alt Ideas for Choice & Accountability Value Projects by Ondrea Slade


alt A Young Woman of Excellence by Melanie Cain
alt A fine line
alt God's Counting on You
alt My Footprints Poem by Shel Eldredge
alt Poem on Choices
alt What is orange?


alt Deciding to Decide by Spencer W. Kimball
alt One Liners
alt Private Choices by James E. Faust
alt Quotes on Accountability from W.O.O.L.
alt Quick Quotes


 YW Value Scrapbook Paper by Andrea Walker


alt The Anti-Nephi-Lehi's choose to follow the Savior (Alma 23-24)
alt The Good Samaritan chooses to help (Luke 10:25-37)
alt The young man who chooses riches over follow the Savior and obtaining eternal life (Matthew 19:13-26)
alt Wise Man and Foolish Man (Matthew 7:24-27)

alt Choices and Gospel Guideposts
alt I am accountable for my choices, taken from the February 2000 Friend
alt My choices have consequences
alt Sharing Time Idea on Choices
alt Tell the story of Noah (see Gen. 6:5–7:24). Let the children prepare a TV news program called “Choice and Consequence” based on the story. Assign announcers, a weatherman, reporters, and people to be interviewed before and after the rain begins to fall. Younger children might enjoy drawing a picture of Noah, the ark, the animals, and the storm. Have all the groups join together to present the broadcast. Talk to the children about the choices the people of Noah’s time made and the consequences of those choices. Suggest that the children share this activity with their families. (Idea taken from March 1997 Sharing Time Suggestion)


alt Does Evil exist??
alt Don't snuggle with pumpkins 
alt Parable of the Popper
alt Story shared by W. Eugene Hansen at a BYU Dev. on June 30, 1998
alt The Banana and Monkey Story by President Kimball
alt The Little Boy & The Rattlesnake
alt The Room 
alt The Spider and the Fly
alt Today I can choose
alt Which wolf will win?
alt Your heart's desire


altDecisions Determine Destiny, Thomas S. Monson - New Era, Nov. 1979, 4
alt Making the right decisions by L. Tom Perry
alt "The Marvelous Gift of Choice", Ricks College Devotional, 01/30/2001 by Harold Brown
alt "The Thoughts of Our Hearts or Why Do We Do What We Do?", 03/04/2003 by John C. Lewis


alt One of my leaders is going to give me a light-weight notebook that will be cheap to mail back and forth.  I plan to strengthen my relationship with an uncle who I don't know very well.  We are going to write letters to each other in the notebook (he lives in Salt Lake, so we will be mailing it back and forth).  Then, after we have filled up the notebook I will have a nice book to look back at. I think this is a great idea for anyone who wants to strengthen a relationship with a family member who they don't really know.  I think it is going to be a great experience for me and my uncle also.  (Idea shared by Sydni Frost / ga05052008)

VIDEO CLIPS:   Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Addiction vs. Freedom; 53277; 3:10 minute - Video Clip #21
alt The Consequences of Our Choices (The Pump ; 8:30 min - Video Clip #6
alt The Test; 5:14 minutes, Video Clip #10
alt True Friends Help us Keep the Commandments; 3:23 minutes, Video Clip #1
alt True to the Faith; VV276/53276; 8:45 mins - Video Clip #19