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Fashion Show - this was put together by our Laurel class. The girls planned this well in advance to help the other young women get a better idea of "modest dress". The Laurels modeled clothes of their own (skirts, dresses, bathing suits, pants, and shorts). They did a great job! We had a wonderful, college age speaker who encouraged the girls to make wise choices with their dress and standards. It was a really fun, uplifting evening. (Credit Unknown)
Modesty Fashion Show from
Jen Magazine
Modesty Fashion Show from YW Connection
Modesty Shots
My Gospel Standards Activity Ideas (Used for Activity Day Program)
Napkin Wedding Dresses
Newspaper Modesty
Paper Dolls - Talk about the importance of modest clothing.  Using various old magazines, have the girls cut out modest clothing. Cut out paper dolls and put on modest clothes. 
Sewing - Teach your girls the basic in sewing.  Here are some projects to start with:
pajama pants, pillowcases, simple elastic skirt, beach bag, apron, throw pillows, quillow, jean quilt etc.
Shopping Modestly
Shopping Modestly - Talk about church standards of dress and how this shows respect our bodies. Then go to a clothing store and have a scavenger hunt for modest clothes. Pair the girls up and tell them to find 2 out of 3 of the following outfits: beach attire, church, casual/school. Then the girls try on the clothes and model them because sometimes clothes that are modest on the rack might not be when you put it on. Basically Help the girls learn that dressing modestly still allows you to be in style but might need some
creativity and right choices. (Idea by Shana Windham)
Sock it to the Standards

Spring Fling - I just wanted to share with you a "Fashion Show" idea I've done in two different wards. We called it the "Spring Fling". As leaders we collected (just about anything) for a couple of months prior: crepe paper, bows, napkins, straws, yarn, paper cups, butcher paper, etc. And, we brought a box of large black garbage bags.  We put two girls with moms in each room (for laughs and support) and the girls designed a dress for their mom. They were wild and fun. We then had a fashion show. We made a little form for the girls to fill out with info like: dress name, models name and then the girls wrote the description of the dress. We had a person act as our hostess for the evening and read the descriptions as each mom went down the fashion show ramp. We then took pictures of the mom and daughters together.  It was great fun and we were surprised that some of the shy moms came out of their shells and surprised us! (Idea by Carol Snider)
Standards Night Road Rally


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