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We did a traveling dinner one year centered around the Holidays- example, the first home we celebrated New Years Eve with appetizers, The next home was decorated like Easter where we had salad- we did something with Easter eggs but I can't remember. The next home we served fruit and it was decorated like the 4th of July. We had sparklers for the youth to light as they left. The next home was decorated like Thanksgiving- we had our main course here. Everyone went around and said something they were thankful for. The last house was decorated for Christmas. We had dessert and sang Christmas Carols. It was a fun evening. We did this in the summer. We had each youth bring their own mode of transportation (other than a car). It was fun to see what they brought. We had skate boards, skates, wagons, bikes, scooters etc. Of course we live in Utah so they only had to travel a few blocks at a time.  (Credit Unknown)
Youth Activity Dinner by Tusdi Snyder

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