Service Scavenger Hunt
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TIME LIMIT: Be back at  ________ by _____ sharp.



· Wash a windshield for someone else at the gas station. Keep the paper towel for your proof bag. Their first name: ____________Take photo

· Go to grocery store and carry out someone’s groceries to their car for them.  Tell them they are special.  Their first name:____________  Get an empty grocery bag from the store for proof.  Take photo

· Someone on your team put their shoes on wrong feet and wear them the entire service hunt. Name:____________.  Take photo

· Team stand under High School goalpost and take team photo. Take one ribbon from the goalpost and put in your proof bag.

· Read a book to a small child and tell them how special they are to you. Child’s name____________.  Book’s name ________________. Proof: Parents signature_______________. Take photo

· Take someone’s garbage out to their dumpster for them,  Ask them for one clean empty trash bag for your proof.  Family: ________Take photo

· Sing a church hymn to a family and let them know you are glad they are in our ward. Family name____________. Song________________ Family signature__________________ Take photo of family

· Read your favorite scripture to a family and let them know why it is your favorite.  Family name__________. scripture_______________ Family signature ___________________Take photo of family

· Play a song on the piano for a family and let them know they are special. Family name ____________ Song ______________________ Family signature________________ Take photo of family

· Vacuum the family room for a family and tell them why they are so special.  Family name _________  Family signature:____________  Take photo

· Change a baby diaper and put the wet diaper in your proof bag.   Baby’s name: ___________________  Take photo


· Fold the laundry clothing such as towels, kids clothes, etc.  Family _______     Signature _____________ Take photo

· Sweep the kitchen floor. Put dirt into a Ziploc or trash bag and into your proof bag.  Family ____________  Take photo

· Get a child ready for bed – pajamas and brush their teeth.  Child’s name_______  Parent signature _____________  Take photo

· Clean a toilet thoroughly with cleaner and paper towels.  Put the paper towel into proof bag.  Family _____________  Take photo

· Dust a family room  Family ___________  Signature ______Take photo

· Paint someone’s toenails a pretty color. Name__________________ Signature _________________  Take photo

· Bring in wood for their fireplace and put a wood chip into your proof bag. Family ______________  Take photo

· Clean off and wipe the kitchen counters with cleaner and paper towel. Put dirty paper towels in proof bag.  Family _____________  Take photo

· Make a bed neatly.  Family _____________________  Signature _____________Take photo


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January 29, 2007


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