Putt Putt Golf
by Angela Cannon / ga10262007



We assigned each class a month ago at BYC (Bishops Youth Committee) to build a hole for putt putt golf.  The week before, we had available some scrap lumber and the green carpet.  The Laurels built a temple and had tunnels to shoot through with things that said, missionary work, read your scriptures and hold to the rod. The priests did a CTR hole where if you were watching the T lined up very close to the hidden hole if you aimed just to the right of the T you could make a hole in one. The Mia Maids did a windmill, it turned out really cute and if you shot to the right under the windmill then it took you to the hole but if you shot to the left of the windmill it took you another way. The teachers designed a great one with a ramp and lots of corners. The deacons had an obstacle course, the beehives had a bridge. They were really creative in what they used. Some used boxes, some built it of wood, some used bamboo sticks, some used pvc pipes.  I had purchased before hand some grass and gave it to the classes to use but other than that it was all found things. We borrowed some putters from people in the ward and had balls from someone else.  Last night we had 20 min to assemble our holes and then we played a round of putt putt golf, the youth and leaders had a great deal of fun. We served ice cream sundaes for refreshments with M & M's on them because the Mia Maids were in charge!

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October 26, 2007


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