The Amazing Race
by Shelley Clines

For our august joint activity we did the "amazing race" that kept us indoors... in the church building. In this game you use scriptures that lead the youth from one room to the next until they collect all the pieces to a puzzle. (I printed 3 of the
mormonad for "got oil?"... then glued them down to 3 different colors of cardstock ... for 3 teams) our puzzle had 16 pieces but there were only 13 scriptures so we gave them 2 freebies.  They  had a great time! the hardest part was keeping the youth from running in the building. Here are the scriptures:

Find a piece of the puzzle at each station....bring all the pieces back for a prize

#1 = Library
D&C 88:118

#2 = Piano
Ezekiel 33:32

#3 = Bathroom Sink
Psalms 24:2

#4 = Kitchen
1 Nephi 17:12

#5 = bathroom
2 Nephi 15:10

#6 = sacrament room
D&C 46:5

#7 RS Room
D&C 44:6

#8 = Primary room
D&C 68:28

#9 = Baptismal font or room
Mosiah 18:16

#10 = Nursery
2 Nephi 13:4

#11 = Sacrament Table
D&C 27:2

#12 = Pulpit
D&C 110:2

#13 = Flag pole
Alma 46:12

You can come up with more if you need them by looking online at the
Church's Website
and doing a search in the scriptures, you can search by so many more words than are listed in the topical guide, it is an awesome resource!

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  November 18,  2006


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