Thank you Ideas


    When a teacher is released

  1. We'll miss you BEARY much  - ( gummy bears, or bear stickers)

  2. Take a photograph of the teacher's class. Glue it to a piece of heavy paper, and let the students sign or put hand or thumbprints on it. Write "Thank you, Sister ___!"

    When a teacher accepts a new calling

  3. We're soda-lighted that you accepted your new calling in ________! (favorite flavor of soda)

  4. We're pasta-tively delighted to have you in ________! (pasta and sauce)

  5. You joined the ________ just in "brine"! (jar of pickles)

  6. We hit the nail on the head when we got you as a teacher! (nail)

    After a great lesson

  7. That lesson was worth writing home about! Thanks! (stationery pages and envelope)

  8. Your lesson was de-light-ful! (Box of light bulbs, candle, battery-operated candle)

  9. You really hit the nail on the head with your lesson on ____! (nail)

    Substitute Teacher Appreciation

    Click here for ideas

    Inexpensive (less than 10 cents each) or Free

  10. It's plane to see you are a wonderful teacher/child! (paper airplane)

  11. You light up our ______! (birthday candle)

  12. Thank you for chewsing to help out! (stick of Gum)

  13. We have Reisen to thank you! (Reisen candy)

  14. No one matches you as a teacher! (match)

  15. You make primary sparkle! (written with a glitter pen, or in glue with glitter sprinkled on it)

  16. You color our ______ with fun! (crayon)

  17. We're tickled to have you in ______! (feather)

    For use any time

  18. It's a ball having you in __________! (small ball)

  19. Thanks for sticking to your calling! (glue, tape)

  20. We're nuts about you! (nut with wiggle eyes glued on)

  21. Don't snicker but we think you're great. (Snicker bar)

  22. Donut forget that the circle of your influence in ________ will go on forever (tied to a donut)

  23. Thank you for your faithfulness in serving in ________. You're worth more than a hundred grand! (100 Grand bar).

  24. Halloween: It's no TRICK to TREAT the _______ with love! (small bag of trick or treat candy)

  25. Thanks! You're worth a mint to us! (mints)

  26. Paper Sun:  You make our  ______ (Primary/Young Women/RS) SHINE!

  27. Popcorn is a kernel that magnified its calling! (package of microwave popcorn)

  28. Take a PRECIOUS MOMENT to let our Primary Children know how special they are! (Precious moment stickers that they can pass out in class).

  29. You are berry Special! (berry candy, small jar of berry jelly, pint of fresh berries)

  30. Your ______ in ________ means BEARY much to me (gummy bears, or bear stickers)

  31. Print a card that says: "Magnify your calling, it increases your perspective!" and make the word perspective in a TINY font. Then tape it to a dollar-store magnifying glass.

  32. In the bowl of an inexpensive spoon, put a Hershey's Kiss and Hershey's Hug bottom to bottom, wrap it all in netting and tie it with a bow. Include a note that says, 'A spoonful of hugs and kisses for your willingness to serve!

  33. We're "rooting" for you. (root beer barrels or root beer)

  34. Thanks a bunch! (banana)

  35. Smiley Face Stickers: "I love seeing your smile at _______."

  36. Here's a note to let you know we appreciate all that you do in ________. (notepad and pencil) or you could give a paper musical note saying: "Here's a NOTE to let you know we appreciate all you do."

  37. Thanks for "letting your light so shine"! (Box of light bulbs, candle, battery-operated candle)

  38. A teacher can't live by apples alone!  (any treat)

  39. Glitter:  You make our ______ (Primary/Young Women/RS) SPARKLE!

  40. By the yard it's hard, by the inch it's a cinch, and together we can do it. (ruler)

  41. We knead good teachers like you to help our ________ rise to their potential! (bread) 

  42. For being there when you were "kneaded", for "rising" to the occasion, large or small. For never "loafing" on the job, for helping others to "heel" with TLC. No matter how you "slice" it, you do a terrific job loving our _________. (bread)

  43. It's PLANE to see you are a wonderful teacher! (folded paper airplane)

Credit: Some ideas are from, some came from - (go to the Teacher Training section, and scroll down to Teacher Appreciation) and some came from The Idea Door.


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  November 28,  2006


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