Welcoming New Beehives

What are some ideas for your new Beehives?


We just did a Beehive Breakfast this morning. When a new girl is coming in the girls all meet at my house at 8:00 a.m. and we go and pick up the new Beehive at her house (we warn the parents so the girl is modestly dressed). Then we come over and chat over donuts and chocolate milk. It is a bonding with the new Beehive but also fun for the other girls to get to know her. Hope this helps!  (Idea by Brittney Rivers)

I like to give them something with all of the values written on them. I was fortunate to find a bunch of pewter bangle bracelets with the values engraved into them hidden away in the Young Women closet when I took over. I think they would be kind of pricey, but we already had them, so that's what we use. I know that there are some cute socks with all the values written on them available through Deseret Book. (Idea by Traci Stevens)

What about giving them the Young Women torch pendant? That's what I think most of the wards do in our stake. (Idea by Janet In Abbotsford, British Columbia)

Welcome to our class!

Birthday Binder - (Idea by Kris Briles) We give our new Beehives the Young Women Logo pendant, on a white ribbon to be used as a necklace.  We give her whatever birthday gift we are giving that year.  And we also give her a binder that we make, it includes:

- YW Roster
- YW Calendar
- Welcome to YW packet, that includes the YW theme, meetings, purpose, etc.
- A picture of the temple in our temple district
- The Family, A Proclamation to the World
- The Living Christ: A Testimony of the Apostles
- Seven Sheet Protectors, labeled with the 7 values to put handouts in.
- Personal progress book
- Strength of the Youth booklet
- YW theme handout

We also set up a time to meet with them and their parents to explain the YW program and go over the Personal Progress responsibilities. We normally do this the first Sunday they come in if possible.

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  December 31,  2006


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