Young Women in Excellence
Project Ideas
compiled by Shay Matson / ga09132007




1. Collect faith promoting stories, poems, talks, articles, quotations, etc. and compile a scrapbook.


2. Choose a scripture on faith that is special to you and create a keepsake that expresses the meaning of the scripture to you (music, poetry, art work, photographs).


3. Consistently keep a Journal for 6-8 weeks. With posters and/or photographs, display and convey what you have learned and why journal writing is important.


4. Research into your genealogy and find examples of family members who have exhibited faith in their lives. Display their stories with pictures, drawings, photographs, artifacts, etc.


5. Create a personal scripture study program and follow it "carefully for 6-8 weeks. Create a way to display your program and how it benefited you.


6. Read the "New Era" completely each month for four months. Collect articles, poems, stories, and quotations centered around faith and compile a scrapbook.


7. Compose and perform a song which expresses your testimony,


8. Write a poem about God's creations.


9. Paint or sketch one of God's creations.


10.  Prepare a dramatic presentation using any of the parables Christ taught which illustrates faith. Direct, stage, and costume the presentation.


11. Select five men or women in Church history and prepare a reader's theater presentation highlighting experiences about their lives which illustrate faith which you have researched.


12. Create a photo album with a collection of photography,illustrating God's creations (your own photos and others). Original captions could be used.




1. Read 3rd Nephi. Record your feelings, write an essay or talk on the love Jesus Christ has for us.


2. Study one of Christ's parables. Using that parable as a spring board, write a talk. Express your thoughts and testimony of how the parable can be of use in your life.


3. Write a short story or poem on being a daughter of God. Make an "I Am A Child of God" cross stitch sample, etc. to hang in your room.


4. Search the scriptures and choose 10 to 20 of your favorites on "Prayer". Creatively display them on a poster or express through song, poetry, short story, or essay how prayer has affected your life. You could paint a prayer rock to match your room. (Paint a rock—approximately 3-5 inches in size. Slip it under pillow to remind you to pray before going to sleep.)


5. Invite an inactive or non-member to several Church

Activities, i.e. sacrament meeting, youth or ward activities, or a special class activity. Give of yourself—stretch—help her grow and improve her self-esteem, really befriend her. Give her a Book of Mormon or a special church book that you like with your written testimony or expression of love and friendship. Keep a running record of your feelings (without revealing her name) of your reactions, how you grew, what it meant to her, etc.


6. Adopt a grandparent at one of the local nursing homes. Visit them each week for 6-8 weeks. Read to them, play games, visit about their families or their youth. Display pictures and record activities and your feelings about your experience. Remember older people are also children of God!


7. Read the short story "The Award" (New Era, Nov. 1979) or view the video (stake library). Discuss your feelings in an essay. Why did Colleen do what she did? How would you have handled the situation? Have you ever been in her shoes? Tell how the short story helps you want to be a better person.


8. Work on your genealogy and take names of some of your

ancestors to the temple and be baptized for them. Display pictures and record your feelings about your experience.


9. Create a family coat of arms. Display it along with a write up about the significance of each item in it


10. Create games that could be used for a family reunion that would help family members become better acquainted with their ancestors (i.e. family pedigree chart with names in proper places.) Display.


11. Get your parents or grandparents to tell you some of the spiritual experiences of their lives. Write them down and preserve them.


13. Volunteer to help your grandparents compile their life

history. Help by tape recording, writing or typing their stories, then prepare as a gift to other family members.




1. Make a collage of photography of yourself which represents what you enjoy doing and what you would like to learn.


2. "Spotlight" the talents of each young woman individually. Each one could stand on the stage with light on her while a narrative or poem is read about her which has been researched and composed by you.


3. Have a panel discussion on the difference between self-confidence and vanity.


4. Write and perform original role play situations which illustrate how we can value others.


5. Read the books: The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom; The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery; or the poem "Equipment" by Edgar A. Guest. Prepare a creative visible report or critique.


6. Research the lives of three people who have overcome

handicaps in their lives. Present their stories on stage.


7. Come to a knowledge and understanding of the Light of Christ. How does having the light of Christ help us become a person of worth? Translate your knowledge and understanding in a visible way.


8. Find someone you consider an outstanding example of the Light of Christ. How does having the light of Christ help us become a person of worth? Translate your knowledge and understanding in a visible way.


9. Discover and read as much as you can on leadership using

books, experiences, talks, etc. Create a display containing the main points that interested you. Include,, poems, essays, inspirational thought, charts, even cartoons to clarify your pts.



10. How did tradition in your family help you become who you are? Be able to display information, or make a pamphlet on Family Traditions.




1. Prepare a tutoring kit to help a young child master one of the basic skills: prepare games and choose materials that would be appealing. Display


2. Create clever, colorful posters that highlight positive aspects of education.


3. Highlight several people in the ward who have been

exceptional teachers. Prepare and present lists of events that occurred in their lives in the format "Who is this person?" Have audience guess the identity.


4. Organize a neighborhood children's story hour or play period for a month. Prepare a way to display your experiences.


5. Be a big sister to younger girls in the ward or neighborhood, and help them to know what to expect when going into high school, how to get along with new teachers, how to study, do homework, attend social functions, etc., expected of them as they enter into a new school.


6. Sponsor a literary contest so that the other youth can be stimulated to write poetry, short stories, etc. Invite the entire ward to contribute and have a gala evening. (Encourage the winners to enter church magazine competitions).


7. Encourage reading together as a family in your home. Set a goal to read at least one book together as a family. Then discuss the meaning of the books and translate your new knowledge and understanding in a visible way.


8. Read the newspaper and church magazines everyday. Create a display containing the main points that interested you. Include poems, essays, inspirational thoughts, charts, even cartoons to clarify your points.


9. Offer to read the newspaper to someone who cannot read for themselves.


10. Make a project to study the scriptures and other church

writings to learn the requirements for a family to attain celestial life. Present these to your own family, at family home evening and help them set goals to work* for.


11. Memorize 25 scriptures. Make poster display of them.


12. Memorize all the verses to 10 of our hymns. Make a poster or scrapbook of them.


13. Write your personal history. Birth to 5 years, 6 years to 4th grade, 5th and 6th grades, middle school, and high school.



Choice and Accountability


1. Create and present a skit showing how young women can use their free agency wisely.


2. Make a large collage which represents many of the forces which control people's behavior (i.e., friends, music, advertising, books, television, etc.)


3. Role play gospel-based responses that a person could give friends when confronted or tempted to go against his convictions.


4. Write an original short story, poem or song that has as its theme a person's personal struggle against temptation and how the main character's decisions influenced her life and the lives of others. Present at Young Women in Excellence program.


5. Draw a picture or make up a dance that has a theme of triumph over temptation.


6. Interview sister returned missionaries who are examples to follow. Discuss how they prepared for their missions by the choices they made. Pictures, quotes and profiles of their lives will add greatly to this project.


7. Write an essay on "What Choice and Acct. means to me".


8. Make a banner or flag with the theme of Choice and Acct.


9. Make a conscientious effort or choice to appreciate the importance of your home in you life. Make the choice to use your potential as an influence for good in your home. Write a summary of your experiences and how you feel about ea. one.


10. Read and study many scriptures on temptation especially

Christ's three temptations in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11). Underline the scriptures that are important to you and write down your impressions as you read and how these relate to the temptations and choices you have to make in your life.


11. Look only for the good in others. Refrain from any negative remarks about anyone. If you hear any negative remarks from others respond with a positive statement about that person or change the subject. Do this for two months. Keep a journal and write a summary of your experiences and how you felt about each one.


12. Choose a scripture dealing with choosing good over evil that is particularly meaningful to you and create a keepsake that expresses the meaning of the scripture to you. (music, poetry, art work, photographs, needlework, etc.)




1. Prepare still tableaux of great people in history who have performed exemplary acts of service for others (i.e., Florence Nightingale, Eliza R. Snow).


2. Prepare awareness posters that illustrate problems in your own community.


3. Role play good and bad attitudes about service.


4. Write a poem or short story on an experience you have had serving others.



5. Make a photo album of members of your ward in as many

situations you can think of where service is being performed: visiting teachers, reading to a widow, helping a young mother, raking leaves.


6. Gather stories from members of your ward or others you know of their conversion to the Church. Make a scrapbook of them and read to shut-ins or older people. Use them as a missionary tool with an inactive friend.


7. Have a project to get an uninvolved girl in your ward to attend church with you. Then follow up with more fellowship.


8. Make a practice of praying for others. This is one of the greatest services you can do for people. Then let action follow your prayers.


9. Seek out people with special needs, such as the deaf, blind lonely, or physically or mentally handicapped; share time and friendship with them.


10. Become a "candy striper" at a hospital. Make a scrapbook or poster display of you at work. Record your experiences and your feelings. What changes occurred in you?


11. Read to or write letters for and listen to an elderlybrother or sister in your ward on a regular basis. Record your experiences and what you have learned form doing this.


12. If you have younger brothers and sisters, you might give mom an afternoon or evening every week for two months to do whatever she likes while you care for them (without being asked). Plan constructive activities for them (not television viewing) and let them assist in helping with dinner. Keep a journal and evaluate your time with them.





1. Visit the state capitol during the legislature. Gather information on laws and how they help us remain free. Pictures, charts and written report will add to your project as well as your knowledge.


2. Study about people from history or church history that lived lives of integrity. Start a file on their lives and how they were examples to follow. Pictures, quotes and profiles of their lives will add greatly to this project.


3. Learning to deal with your money honestly. Work out a budget with your parents' help. Keep a budget for two months. Do your paperwork and summary of your experiences. Budget tips, charts or posters would display well.


4. Make cartoons or drawings of honorable or non-honorable

things, i.e. shoplifting, cheating at school, speeding in a car. Also write up how you feel about each illustration.


5. Write an essay on "What honesty means to me".


6. Write a poem, verse, or song on integrity.


7. Read and study many scriptures on integrity and words of similar meaning to see what the scriptures say on the subject. Underline the scriptures and write down your impressions as you read.


8. Make a series of Mormon mottos on how to get out of awkward situation; i.e. stealing, "how about a smoke", or "if you love me you'll really show it". Drawings or cartoons would add to this project.


9. Present readers theater using good works of poetry or quotes on the subject of integrity. Young Women would do their own research and select the poetry they desire (i.e., "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Sir Walter Scott).


10. Select a public issue that is currently a matter of

integrity in your area. Study what right and wrong outcomes might be and develop a plan that would help make your area a better place in which to live. Write a report about your plan and present it as a talk.


11. Organize a children's chorus and prepare them to sing "Keep the Commandments" and "Teach Me to Walk in the Light". Have them perform.


12. Compose a catchy song for children that will help them learn to tell the truth (that they may sing when they are tempted)


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