Various YWIE Themes
by Jeanni Gould

1. FEED MY SHEEP - we dressed in overalls and decorated with flannel shirts on a clothesline. Featured a picture of "The Shepherd". Sang a song, also called "Feed My Sheep", with a strong message of love. In prep for this, we did secret sisters in our ward, and learned to make friendship bracelets.

2. SEEDS OF EXCELLENCE - Cute invitation is a seed packet. The special music was a two part song for Mothers and Daughters. Very tender.

3. SISTERS ACROSS THE WORLD - SO much fun to dress up! True stories from New Era - we are a worldwide church!


5. THE LORD IS MY LIGHT - had everyone bring flashlights for a special object lesson...


7. THE GAME OF LIFE - Oh, this was so cool! I taped off the carpet in the cultural hall with white duct tape to look exactly like a football field. It was amazing! Every class did a cheer:
"We are the Beehives and we're here to say Get on your knees, and pray, pray, pray!..."
The young women sang a powerful testimony building song, "When He Calls Me" written by Rebekah Lowe, based on the last testament of Elder Bruce R. McConkie.

Prayerfully consider your young women's particular needs. That's how SEEDS OF EXCELLENCE came about. Involving the mothers was such a blessing - both for the young women and for the moms.  I feel one of the most important things you can do is to feature the girls - do this event WITH them, not FOR them. The church handbook specifically suggests several things to be included, including a special musical presentation, which can be the perfect way to involve every single girl.

One more idea: when parents and girls first arrive, I really like to have something for them to get involved in right away. (I call it an introductory activity.) For example, for a program we did called HEARTS KNIT IN LOVE, we had the girls make old-fashioned valentine (collage) shoeboxes, which were part of the personal display. They turned out unique and darling of course. As parents and girls arrived for the event, everyone was given little cards to write
notes of appreciation for their daughter and others. Another example: for the FAMILY FOREVER event, I made up a humorous quiz that families could work on together while waiting for the evening to begin. For SISTERS ACROSS THE WORLD I had a world map and little pin flag markers for people to place in a place where they had a connection (mission, ancestor, etc). That was amazing - everyone was really into it!


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February 3, 2007


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